Apr 18, 2021


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Lighting celebration for Te Whanau o Waipareira

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As we near the festive season, Te Whanau o Waipareira prepares for their annual celebration the lighting of the Waipareira Trust Christmas lights.

Now into its 7th year, the lighting ceremony is a significant event and with Waipareira Trust nestled in the heart of Waitakere the Christmas lights will brighten up our beautiful city.

As well as bringing our community together the lighting ceremony is an opportunity for Te Rito Waipareiras early childhood centre to farewell four children going to school next year.

The early childhood manager Sheryl Max says all four children have been with Te Rito since they were babies.

It will be a sad, yet joyous moment and we want to make it special for our tamariki because they have been with us for a long time, Sheryl says.

This past year has been eventful for the whanau and the lighting ceremony is a time to celebrate by commemorating the achievements Waipareira Trust has accomplished over the year. It is an opportunity to kick start a safe summer break with whanau and friends and also to recharge for the New Year.

At last years Christmas lighting ceremony in December, kaumatua from Waipareira released 29 balloons into the night sky. It was Waipareiras tribute through celebration – each balloon represented a miner who lost his life in the Pike River mine tragedy.

As an acknowledgment to Waipareira kaumatua who had also passed away, a further 20 balloons were sent to the heavens. It was a noble celebration for the hundreds who attended the celebrations.

The evening will begin with a sausage sizzle and performances by Te Rito early childhood centre.

  • Waipareira welcomes all whanau to the Christmas lighting ceremony on December 1 at the Henderson Baptist Church from 7pm.

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