Apr 21, 2021


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Maori-inspired ideas central to Wellywood or What sign competition

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Eighteen months after a sign on the Miramar cutting was first proposed by Wellington Airport, voting opens today for the two choices that will go up against the controversial Wellywood option.

The five ideas were chosen from about 350 suggestions submitted by the public since the competition opened on August 31.

Voting on the finalists closes on November 6, and on November 9 the two most popular options will go up against Wellywood – the option first proposed by the airport – in the final binding vote. The overall winner will be announced in the following week. Vote now.

4 thoughts on “Maori-inspired ideas central to Wellywood or What sign competition

  1. Is the competition or voting finished yet ? I like the idea of an eye – but to be correct it would or should be the eye of a FISH not a monster/taniwha. Wellington is the head of the fish – that Maui pulled up – Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui. Whataitai is a different legend.
    Also the ideas of a HOOK that someone suggested wouldn’t be correct (according to the Maui legend) as the fish was foul-hooked in the fin -which is what created the bay of Hawkes Bay. Neat story eh.
    I’d like to see a large golden disc of a fish’s eye on the Wellywood sign site in Miramar. Maybe one that shimmers – and moves depending on the direction of the wind?
    I still like the cheekiness of the Wellywood word.
    : )

  2. I think a variety is great. Why can’t they just change it every month? Love umbrellas. Taniwha eye perfect for Matariki. Wellywood can go up when they have Hobbit premiere! Cheers.

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