Apr 14, 2021


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SharePoint maps the road ahead for Maori Trustee

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The NZ government body that administers Maori-owned land is making a move to SharePoint to handle information management.

The Maori Trustee organisation works from six offices around New Zealand and is responsible for 100,000 hectares of Maori land, 130,000 client accounts and $NZ135 million in funds.

A team of 70 staff currently work within a Microsoft mail and application environment, with corporate applications OpenText LiveLink EDRMS, a Property Management System developed in Fox Pro and the TerraView GIS application.

According to tender documents, the 90-year old organisation has accumulated a large information resource, with much of the paper and electronic records that have been created and captured over such a period of significant value and play critical role in the daily operations of the organisation activities. These information resources have become scattered and somewhat disparate making the efficient use of these resources increasingly difficult and the ability to apply suitable records management process complicated.

An information technology strategy developed since mid 2010 seeks to ensure that Maori Trustee information repositories are reliable, easy to use, and easy to change and fit within the overall information and technology architecture.

At present Maori Trustee staff have limited automated mechanisms for many of its business processes. It has no automated workflow for managing documents and approval processes. A considerable portion of information is paper based and the existing document management and other systems are not integrated making many document processes slow, open for data duplication and making documents difficult to maintain.

The organisation has previously relied on an OpenText Livelink document management system supplied by the Ministry of Maori Development, but separation from that ministry in 2009 encouraged staff to consider a new strategy.

The successful tenderer will need to assist with migration of more than 36000 documents currently in LiveLink and 4GB of fileshare data.

SharePoint has emerged as a focus as the Trustee is also looking to upgrade its property management system using Microsoft CRM and Microsoft NAV.

The tender for a SharePoint 2010 document management system follows development of a high level taxonomy and information audit.

A survey was carried out during this effort that highlight that the main problems staff encounter with the existing systems are related to slow response times, loss of connectivity and system generated error messages.

The Maori Trustee has stated that it prefers to work with local ‘ Wellington based’ solution providers enabling regular face to face meetings to take place and for Maori Trustee to regularly visit and talk to the individual developers undertaking the work (not to the detriment of the project).

1 thought on “SharePoint maps the road ahead for Maori Trustee

  1. I would hope or assume that the Maori Trustee is working closely with Maori Land Court and Te Puni Kokiri to:

    learn from what they’ve currently implemented with regards to Maori land information management, data integrity, analysis, reporting, data mining strategies, GIS, and how to present or provide access to the information in hard-copy, electronically and via the web

    along with potential costs, skills and experience required, timeframe in-depth customer needs analysis – and of equal importance future proofing whatever Maori Trustee might develop?

    The system should have the potential to share data with the Maori land court system? Why? you can assume that owners in Maori trustee blocks will be owners in other Maori land management structures governed by the Maori land court. Therefore if both systems could share and cross reference or undertake datamining it will assist in identifying deceased or absent owners, help determine whether or not an owner’s name is actually spelt wrong, enhance the trusts and perhaps the Maori land court ability to locate or communicate with owners, with regards to land parcels – the potential to datamine Maori land blocks to determine if that parcel is actually that size? really does have that many owners, identify common trustees, has those geographic features etc. Implementing smart technology which is based upon the current and future potential needs of the users will enhance the trusts ability threefold to deliver excellent services – whilst reducing costs and by collaborating with organisations that has a similiar customer base, information and service requirements will save time, money and resources in the long run.

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