Apr 13, 2021


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2degrees announced the first Te Reo Maori smartphone today at the Te Huarahi Tika Trust annual general meeting.

Maori Affairs Minister, Dr Pita Sharples, took the first call on the Huawei Android smartphone from Te Huarahi Tika Trust Chair Daphne Luke this afternoon.

2degrees worked closely with handset manufacturer, Huawei, to translate all of the menus in its IDEOS X3 smartphone to Te Reo Maori.

2degrees Director and Hautaki Trust Board member Bill Osborne says making Te Reo Maori available in todays mobile technology was a vision that the Hautaki Trust had when it helped found the company.

Through Hautaki Trust, our primary objective was to engage M?ori in the telecommunications industry, a further aim was to ensure that the M?ori culture and language were embraced by modern information and communications technology, and the IDEOS X3 smartphone with Te Reo menu is testimony to the commitment to this goal by 2degrees and Maori.

The Te Reo IDEOS X3 will be available from 2degrees retail stores before Christmas.

In October, 2degrees launched the Te Reo Huawei G6600 phone for $99 a lower price option that gives more customers access to Te Reo Maori phones.

11 thoughts on “Te Reo Maori smartphone launched

  1. Kia Ora tatou whenua..kei te pehea koe, kei te pai ahau..too much gee.. wheres my ghost chips..

  2. Finally a phone that will bring me back to my roots, does this translate websites to Maori too??

  3. Ka pai ka tono au kia Hana/Hine Koko hei te Kirihimete nei kia hokona mai tetahi m?ku…..????

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