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The first Gathering of Healers Worldwide 8th 12th November 2011

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The first ever gathering of healers worldwide will begin tomorrow in Waiohau, near Whakatane (Bay of Plenty). The purpose of this gathering is in response to events across the globe that are having a negative impact on Papatuanuku (Earth) and Ranginui (Sky).

Key speakers include Dr Rangimarie (Rose) Turuki Pere an internationally renowned healer, Lakota John of Cheyenne and Dr Chris Kavelin who specialises in Indigenous Studies.

Around 150 people have registered for this gathering being hosted by Te Tapenakara o Te iwi which is a Whare rongoa based in Waiohau.

The vision is for all healers in the world to unite their energy also to channel understanding, knowledge and support for one another.

Issues that will be discussed at the gathering will centre on the most recent global disasters from earthquakes to floods, tsunami, tornadoes, and ecological disasters like the oil spill off the coast of Tauranga caused by the grounding of RENA.

But the most anticipated event for the gathering is the 11.11.2011 which will happen on the Friday inviting anyone sick to come for a healing and cleansing.

For more information contact:

Mere McLean – Media

  • 02102984505
  • 073228840 (Waiohau Marae)

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