Apr 21, 2021


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Te Pataka Uara

Te Rau Matatini with support from Te Ao Auahatanga Maori Innovations Fund is pleased to announce a new workforce development programme, a whanau-centred initiative called Te Pataka Uara (the storehouse of valuable resources)

Te Pataka Uara is an indigenous framework that acknowledges the valuable role whanau play in the delivery of whanau ora services

Te Pataka Uara aims to support whanau ora navigators and practitioners who want access to a workforce career pathway that embraces whanau ora approaches to wellbeing and celebrates the uniqueness of being Maori

Te Rau Matatini envisages that the programme Te Pataka Uara will be implemented in stages:

  • Te Pataka Kaiora (Research and information exchange)
    • Click here to download the Te Pataka Uara Consultation Fact Sheet
  • Te Pataka Mauriora (Whanau ora Pathway Model)
  • Te Pataka Toiora (Whanau ora Best Practice Guidelines)

Te Pataka Uara recognises the significant part that cultural identity plays in determining best wh?nau outcomes when working with Maori by acknowledging the mana that all whanau bring to the Pataka

Please contactMelani Burchett on 0800 MATATINI (628284) ext: 804 or email:[email protected]for more information about Te Pataka Uara

2 thoughts on “Whanau ora funding for whanau

  1. Tena Koe

    I am unsure if I can apply for this scholarship?
    I am studying at TWOA in Mangere for Bachelor Social Work Year 2
    my situation is I am not registered and unemployed and struggling financially. I have studied at WINTEC and recieved a level 6 diploma in Social Services counselling but found advocacy support for Whanau exposed to extreme levels of domestic violence an area I worked well in and under pressure was okay. I am currently resourcing baby clothes and products that are donated and make up packs for parents with new born children for free especially young mums. Can you assist me?

  2. Kia ora,
    I am not too sure if I am eligible for this funding but I am a solo parent of five attending Unitec Waitakere as a full-time student of Bachelors of Social Practice about to embark on on my third year of study would like to know more if there is any assistance available for my whanau please.
    Kathleen Noble.

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