Apr 14, 2021


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Whanau ora training support – set for expansion

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KTV Consulting, a Wellington-based company which assists Maori organisations (Governance Boards undertaking Governance training through to helping administration staff set up filing systems) is set to expand in the new year.

Karen Vercoe (Te Arawa), owner and Principal Consultant of KTV Consulting Ltd, told TangataWhenua.com, “Our relationships with our clients are paramount and I feel personally aggrieved when I cant respond to my clients in a timely manner or am able to help them because we have a full work load.”

As a result the company is set to expand their team to better respond to their clients needs.

The team Karen has selected include Maori and Pacific professionals who hold not only academic qualifications but have grass roots experience working in Maori & Pacific organisations.

KTV Consulting will have dedicated Results Based Accountability Trainers, an Analyst, an Information Systems / Information Technology Advisor and Strategy Implementation Team, Jay Houpapa Executive Assistant also comes on board full time in February to keep the operations functioning effectively.

Clients include Bay of Plenty DHB, Hawkes Bay DHB, Allience Health + Whanau Ora Collective, Pharmac and the National Hauora Coalition.

3 thoughts on “Whanau ora training support – set for expansion

  1. Steve Urlich Tenei ,would like a reply asap to the paragraph i left about assistance for our rangatahi n mahi for them i’ve got the contacts you will have to support me n can back me up that would be great thankyou.
    tena koe .

  2. kia ora Karen ,
    Steve Urlich here i’m interested in your korero about planning mahi for our rangatahi n i wish to make contact with you asap to discuss the funding availablity to help support the initiative i’m planning for iwi n the uplifting of our young secondary school n learners to let them know that there is a sustainable future for them.
    We Will need to have a korero with admin from your side n a hui at my whare kanohi to kanohi n get back to me for your feasibilty approvaln funding ,there is available from Govt up to 50% .i have sent a panui thru the other web thats supporting initiatives that will produce jobs ,but maori in the North n Sth may need a helping hand to buy these plants starting off with one n then increasing to the requirements of production ,the Bio Fuel AES alternative energy solutions is a researched product which was studied n collated by The University Of Dakota USA over 5yrs .
    The Japanese were out here in the last week of november n they need to buy Bio Oil at a great rate cos there Nuclear plants are to dangerous to run n they are going to build oil fired power stations ,which won’t suffer the same fate as the huge Earth Quake at Fuchashima just gone ,but the oil is used for heating boilers in hospitals etc too many to name .
    thankyou again Karen Vercoe .
    ka kite

    Steve Urlich .

    i can be contacted on 092357516 or 0274363718

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