Apr 13, 2021


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He Aitua – Sir Henare Ngata passes

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Sir Henare Ngata, a Ngati Porou elder and one of few remaining Maori Battalion veterans, passed away this morning, at the age of 93.

Sir Henare, the son of prominent politician and lawyer Sir Apirana Ngata, served with the Maori Battalion during World War II.

His father, whose likeness appears on the $50 note, believed one way for maori to achieve equality was to fight alongside pakeha in war.

Maori leaders from around the country are expected to farewell Sir Henare over the next few days.

In 2006 Dr Pita Sharples had this to say of Matua Herare:

Sir Henare Ngata holds the awe and respect for many Maori who see in him, the standards of excellence which characterised his father, the late Sir Apirana Ngata.

Sir Henare was the Chairperson of the Mangatu Incorporation. At that time shareholders were want to beat a trail to the office, hit the desk with their tokotoko, and demand their dividends. Sir Henare responded with fairness, with professionalism, and always with cultural finesse.

Indeed, his cultural expertise ensured his distinctive accountancy practice. As chair of the Incorporation, if he was asked to run a meeting in Gisborne, he would always call on the people from Rongowhakaata or Te Aitanga a Mahaki to whakatau. Best practice for Sir Henare meant never forgetting whose territory he was in, and how to recognise the mana whenua.

His wealth of knowledge of whakapapa was a constant strength to the practice, understanding and respecting the importance of maintaining respectful relationships.

1 thought on “He Aitua – Sir Henare Ngata passes

  1. Like father like son,another great leader for Maoridom,my father and uncle served under Sir Henare in North Africa & Italy. Our leaders of today should look to the past and aspire to lead in such manner,he is immortalised in Monty Souters book…..”Nga Tama Toa” The Price of Citizenship,a must have and a must read,my father always mentioned his shares in Mangatu Block,another connection with Sir Henare,another great Kauri has fallen for Maoridom.

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