Apr 14, 2021


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Maori Research Institute announces Maori Land conference

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The Maori Research Institute has announced its first national conference on the theme, Maori lands: business opportunities and challenges.

The conference will be held in Rotorua, New Zealand, on 9-10 May 2012.

Maori generally desire to hand the lands on to future generations in their natural healthy soil state, said Mr Tom Walters, a co-Director of Maori Research Institute. Our greatest need is to know what we have got, the condition of the asset base, and the future use options that are most sustainable for the land and her people.

The first national conference is very important for the Maori Research Institute. It will help to build relations with all the key stakeholders in the Maori lands. Invitations will be sent to all crown research institutes, universities, polytechnics, Maori trusts and incorporations, relevant government departments and agencies, and local and regional councils to participate and present papers at the conference.

Maori Research Institute Background

Dr Guna Magesan, a Senior Soil Scientist, formerly with SCION, became Te Arawa FoMAs resident scientist. Two main programs have developed as a result. The Maori Research Institute (MRI) has been registered with the New Zealand Companies office.

The aim of MRI is to finally create a science research and funding stream which will focus on Maori and Maori Lands.

MRI is striving to become a focal point for science research which will have its main focus on positive outcomes to issues related to Maori Lands. Issues such as sustainable land use systems and knowledge, marginal land development options, and Maori carving preservation options and techniques, new science driven industries with a focus on quality, such as Manuka oil and honey products.

2 thoughts on “Maori Research Institute announces Maori Land conference

  1. I attened the biological farming conference last year and talked to Tom in reguards to Waiariki helping with research and being involved with your study. We are very keen to help.
    Dave West
    Argi tutor

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