Apr 14, 2021


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National loses one seat – governs by one (Special Votes Counted) #votenz

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(by JOHN HARTEVELT ) National has lost a seat but still has the numbers to govern with the final results of the general election confirmed.

Chief electoral officer Robert Peden this afternoon announced four changes to the results on election night.

National loses a seat and falls to 59, the Green Party gains a seat and will have 14 MPs. In the two tight electoral races, Labour’s Brendon Burns has lost Christchurch Central to National’s Nicky Wagner by 45 votes and Labour’s Carmel Sepuloni takes Waitakere off Cabinet Minister Paula Bennett by just 11 votes.

Bennett’s loss in Waitakere will be a blow as she is a high profile candidate and is tipped to climb the Cabinet rankings. She makes it in to Parliament as a National Party list MP, but seems likely to pursue a judicial recount given the margin is so close.

Sepuloni’s win means list MP Raymond Huo will drop out of Parliament.
The dip in support for National means Aaron Gilmore drops out of Parliament.

In Christchurch, Burns’ one term as the local MP looks over as he falls victim to a swing to National in the earthquake hit region. He may also seek a judicial recount but a margin of 45 votes makes the way back unlikely.

The Green Party result gets better from election night, with a party vote of 11.06 per cent providing a ticket in to the House for the first ever profoundly deaf MP, Mojo Mathers.

There were no other changes to election night in the results announced this afternoon.

National, having signed confidence and supply agreements with Act and United Future, has a single vote majority of 61 seats in a 121 seat Parliament. It may yet to grow its support by three in a deal with the Maori Party that is yet to be signed.

MMP is also confirmed as the voting system in the final results of the referendum also held on November 26. Some 57.77 per cent backed MMP and in part two 46.66 per cent supported FPP as the most preferred alternative.

The majority support for MMP means the system stays but a review of the system is triggered.

Peden said all votes on election night had been recounted and special votes checked for validity. Candidates seeking a recount had until Wednesday to make an application.

National: 47.31 per cent – 59 seats
Labour: 27.48 per cent – 34 seats
Green: 11.06 per cent – 14 seats
NZ First: 6.59 per cent – 8 seats
Maori Party: 1.43 per cent – 3 seats
Mana Party: 1.08 per cent – 1 seat
Act Party: 1.07 per cent – 1 seat
United Future: 0.6 per cent – 1 seat

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