Apr 17, 2021


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Ngati Awa study finds fungi can reduce dioxins on poisoned land

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(Radio NZ) Local iwi in Whakatane have been the driving force behind a study which has found that fungi and plants can reduce dioxins in contaminated land.More than 36 sites around Whakatane have been contaminated by discharge from the Whakatane sawmill, and a Waikato University study has found that enzymes from the fungi and poplars degraded the toxins.

The university says Ngati Awa has completely run and conducted the project to bring the land back to a healthy state.

Jo Harawira from Ngati Awa says Maori are the kaitiaki of the lands and the waterways and the iwi wanted to go back to nature to get rid of the toxins in their rohe.

Waikato University says it now hopes to get Government funding for a larger trial.

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