Apr 13, 2021


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Short Maori Film, needs your help

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Sometimes things dont pan out the way you think they would or should so you must take action to find another way forward.

This is what my email is about. My name is Renae Maihi and I am the writer/director of a special short film called Purerehua (Butterfly). This film is yet to be shot but we believe that it will make international ripples.

We were fortunate enough to receive $10,000 funding from the NZ film commission however it isnt enough. My producer Sandra Richmond (Manawa Productions) has tried in every which way to makes this work but with a crew of 23, a cast of 20, 7 locations, set design, costumes, food etc you can imagine that we are overspent.

What I am appealing for is a koha/donation to help us make this film. We will be shooting from 11th-14th January 2012. I know it is the holiday season but your donation would be greatly appreciated. A friend of mine has already donated $2000 and all we need is another $3000. So, if you have any spare change, ($20), any ideas, anything at all PLEASE HELP US.

We look forward to showing you the calibre of the film that you contributed to and I personally pledge to make Purerehua something that you will be proud of. Also, if you would like to come to set we have a day in which you can pop in.

All donations can be transferred to:

Manawa Productions

  • 12 3077 0448034 50

Please include your name so that we can give you a THANK YOU CREDIT at the end of the film.

Nga mihi

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