Traci Houpapa reappointed to the FOMA helm


The Federation of Maori Authorities – New Zealand’s largest Maori Business Network – has reappointed Traci Houpapa as its Chairman.

The unanimous endorsement follows her commitment to the Federation which has seen an increase in its profile and membership and ongoing success in the management of its members’ $10 billion asset base. The decision to reappoint Houpapa confirms the confidence and trust she maintains in her commitment and provision of strategic leadership in the realisation of Maori economic development.

“It is essential the Maori business network actively participates in the fundamental development of New Zealand’s economy. Maori economic development and its contribution to the growth of this country must continue to be realised and I am determined to facilitate this growth through the provision of a robust networking capability within our membership,” says Houpapa.

The reappointment of deputy chair James Wheeler of Te Tau Ihu also signals the strengthened momentum the Federation has achieved.

“James has played an important role in the growth and development of federation in the last 12 months, and his reappointment highlights this contribution in assisting our membership to realise their potential.”

New regional representation on the FoMA executive includes Dr Riri Ellis (Ngai Te Rangi) for the Mataatua region and Wikitoria Michalanney (Te Atiawa) for Te Upoko o Te Ika.

“Dr Ellis and Wikitoria enjoy the confidence and support of their members and bring a wealth of knowledge relative to their respective regions. We are excited about the networking capabilities they possess which will ultimately strengthen their regional economic growth.”

Dr Riri Ellis leads the Ngai Te Rangi Treaty settlements unit and the Te Toi o Te Moana Rena recovery and clean-up strategy. She is also actively involved in community research and development, economic and business development.

Wikitoria is a trustee with the Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust and a long standing member of the M?ori Women’s Welfare League . She has a strong background in community and business development.


  1. Such a pity these FOMA people are much to ignorant and arrogant as to their own importance and supposed achievements to date of some said $10Billion in Maori Asset they could never get off their high horse to consider providing support to a Maori with advance flight technology which would make the management and boost the income from it current asset pool no end. When pigs fly I suppose.


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