Apr 14, 2021


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Voluntary student union membership goes to the Waitangi Tribunal

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(Radio NZ) The Maori Students’ Association says it will be before the Waitangi Tribunal next year to fight Government legislation it says has breached the country’s founding document.

In September, the Government passed legislation making student union membership voluntary.

The tumuaki (president) of Te Mana Akonga Jacqualene Poutu says the association and the tribunal will enter into talks in January about its application.

She says the talks will look at how its claim will be handled since Maori students from the University of Otago have filed a separate claim.

Ms Poutu says it’s likely both groups will come under the one lodged by the South Island organisation.

She says that, when a hearing is set down, students from across the country will take part and give reasons why the legislation breaches the Treaty of Waitangi.

2 thoughts on “Voluntary student union membership goes to the Waitangi Tribunal

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  2. Wow!! Would take alot to convince me why student association membership should be compulsory? Lets start with what value does a student association offer? If I can recall my own time at Uni all MUSA did was pay themselves great salaries, put on a few gigs and little else ….. word on the street is little has changed.

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