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Kapa Haka Summer School Programme starts (9th Jan)

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Explore new heights in with Kura Raumati – Summer School programme at the Takitimu Performing Arts School, starting on the 9th January to the 21st January 2012. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of Maori Performing arts in a two week programme, from stage production, through to vocal musicianship, professional performance and arts administration; with a strong focus on Maori traditional and contemporary song and dance.
At the conclusion of the Kura Raumati, in collaboration with the professional Kahurangi Maori Dance Company, students will showcase a mini theatre production comprised of their skills obtained throughout the programme.
Te Kura Raumati Theme: Te Kapu o Te Ao, focuses on the similarities and differences of indigenous sports, cultural practises, dance and songs of the world and taking this to the proscenium stage.

Kura Raumati is a life time opportunity to experience our Maori culture and to connect through song and dance and is a great programme for people of all ages to learn about the fundamentals of Maori performing arts and what it takes to be a Performing Artists in the arts industry.

This will suit interests of those wanting to start a career in the arts industry, professional development for teachers and dance practitioners, current students of Maori and Performing Arts programmes and is also open to the general public interested in this vocation.

For more information on this programme and for a registration pack please email: Tauru Johnston on [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Kapa Haka Summer School Programme starts (9th Jan)

  1. I missed this. Will you be having another workshop in the near future. This sounds awesome. I am a teacher that is long in the tooth and am doing my bit out there but I need new ideas. I have plenty of enthusiasm.

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