Apr 13, 2021


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Maori Party loses confidence in National-led government

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(excepts taken from Stuff article by KATE CHAPMAN AND DANYA LEVY)

TangataWhenua.com is pleased to see reports that there may be a possible split between the Maori Party and National over plans to delete reference to the Treaty of Waitangi when state-owned assets are sold off to to the the highest bidder or biggest foreign owned corporate.

The Stuff reported that Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said ultimately if it came down to the wire the Maori Party would have to “consider its position” with the Government.

Turia told reporters that “National did not discuss the removal of the Treaty clause with the Maori Party during confidence and supply negotiations and they were not happy with it.” She went on to say that the Maori Party would talk to iwi and constituents and seek advice and direction from them.

If they told the party to leave its arrangement with National they were prepared to do so and would not stay in the arrangement “at all costs”.

“If they remove Section 9 there will be no reason for them to consult with Maori about issues so they would actually be denying that the Treaty exists.”

The Party had to be very clear about who they represented, Turia said.

This comes as the National-led government begins to “consult” with Maori regarding their plans to sell up to 49% of 4 state-owned energy companies as well as further reduce its shareholding of Air New Zealand.

The Government is being accused of selling Treaty rights to the highest bidder following suggestions Treaty protections will not be included in new legislation to the enactment of a partial sale of state-owned assets.

TO complete the sale there is a requirement that legislation be enacted which allows for the removal of the energy companies from the State-Owned Enterprises Act.

“It’s really in the iwi hands, the iwi have to stand firmly on this issue because we’re here representing their interests and our peoples interests.”

The issue would cause tension at Waitangi Day commemorations over the weekend and at least one iwi leader had suggested Maori hold a hikoi in protest of the move, she said.

State-Owned Enterprises Minister Tony Ryall said Section 9 of the SOE Act – which requires the Crown to act in a manner consistent with the principles of the Treaty – was left out of legislation enabling the sale of Contact Energy in 1999, as well as the sale of other state-owned assets in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“We’re interested in seeking Maori views on this.”

Co-leader Pita Sharples said the party was not in government to ignore the real issues.

“This Treaty clause is about New Zealand. It’s not just about Maori. The Treaty is all of our Treaty and this clause protects us and our natural resources, us New Zealand, and that’s really really important to me.”

National has said it will keep Section 27 of the SOE bill.

But Sharples said that was not enough because it meant the Treaty only had to be considered in regards to designated aspects.

“It only deals with parts of things and that’s not what we want. We want the clause that apply to the whole deal.”

He said the Government obviously envisaged future issues with areas such as water rights.

Maori did not want assets sales at all, he said.

The Mana Party said National was essentially going to throw the Treaty out by removing the clause.

Deputy leader Annette Sykes said the Maori Party should terminate its relationship with National over the issue.

“They need to be genuine with their challenge. Walk away Maori Party. End the relationship and make a principled stand.”


7 thoughts on “Maori Party loses confidence in National-led government

  1. Like I said why are dealing with the thief why arent we taking it higher can someone tell me. We need to talk about which treaty is the recognised treaty internationally and I think Rawiri Taonui was saying much the same talking about the Convention I think he is talking about Geneva.

    We can look at the contra preferandum – my understanding of it is that if there are 2 treaties in the same land which conflict the treaty recognised by International law is the one written in the tongue of the indigenous people.

    English version -is about conquest – we werent conquered!
    Maori version- is about Tino rangatiratanga -we own(Maori Term) all above below and around us.

  2. I wonder what is stopping us going to the international courts,How come thie theif contro;s the treaty negotiation process and outcome.

    Why are we mucking around?

    Still we havent had the discuaaion as to which treaty is relevant internationally,

  3. I would like to know what the National Government & all their supporters, how they would feel if, the very ones writing legislation wrote into law, making it possible for NZ tax paye to take all their assets everything they own as receipt of theft/receiving & the sale of stolen maori & public owned state property via unlawful misconduct. Truth is this is exactly what I believe the government law makers are & have been doing to us, not just Maori but every NZ tax payer….they change the laws to make it legal for them to steal from us & do as they please for their own peace of mind….honor the treaty it’s a living document that can not be changed, this document was gods will, that’s why it exisit…..you can not change the past nor erase it, honor this written promise. Gods will you can not change.

    1. you said it mary jane this is not just a tangata whenua issue and not for just now it will have a ripple effect on Aotearoa and the semi stability of all people who live in our beautiful country…the reason we have not moved to australia is because this is our HOME for the 11% of Maori that still live in our home lands no other country can provide for the quality of life that we have here to eat sleep walk and talk our Tikanga Maori.
      This Treaty clause is about New Zealand. Its not just about Maori. The Treaty is all of our Treaty and this clause protects us and our natural resources, us New Zealand, and thats really really important to me. yes yes yes this is a statement that i hope you follow with your heart pita E TU,KIA KAHA MO TE IWI MAORI ME TAUIUI O AOTEAROA

  4. See, we do have the power in Aotearoa to stop stupid decisions been made. That is all National is good for is selling us out, our homeland will be owned by China too which is already happening with the land here is Australia. That is the problem with the white mans way of thinking it is all about money instead of what we really need. Kia Kaha Maori Party, please make the right decisions for Aotearoa and dont get suckered in by the bullies in Parliament. Just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE…

  5. They had to have the appearance that they cared about maori opinion. It was either going to be the maori party or Mana…and Mana would never have been an option for National! so, now what?

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