Apr 17, 2021


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Polyfest set to be even bigger then ever

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The ASB Polyfest is the largest Maori & Pacific Islands cultural festival in the world. In 2011 the festival attracted 95,000 spectators, and 9000 students competing in 192 groups from 65 schools.

The festival is an iconic event that celebrates the cultural diversity of the Auckland region through song, dance and speech. It is a celebration of colour, music and dance promoting cultural awareness and understanding.

The 2012 ASB Polyfest takes place from the 14th 17th of March at the Manukau Sports Bowl, Te Irirangi Drive, Manukau City. It will feature traditional music, dance, costume and speech and will bring the pride and passion of Aucklands Maori and Pacific Island communities to life.

Students will compete on five stages Cook Islands, Maori, Niue, Samoan and Tongan. There is also be a Diversity stage featuring performances from a range of cultural groups including Chinese, Korean and Indian.

One major change for this years festival is the school hosting model. In the past one host school has worked with all the stage co-ordinators to run the event. This year, five Mana Kura (host schools) will assist and support a Pacific stage, and a Kura Matua (caretakers of the Mauri sacred stone) will lead and run the Maori stage in conjunction with the Maori Stage Komiti Ohu Tautoko.

The Kura Matua for 2012 is Kia Aroha College and the theme they have selected for this years festival is

My culture defines me

Ko au te ahurea Ko te ahurea ko au

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