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Howcan we helppush aconstitutional reviewtowards this vision?

We hope whanau will have a say in what rules and guidelinesthiscountry should be governed by. We urgepeopletofind out what the current constitutionalreview processis all about.

Te Wharepora Hou would like to offer the followinginformation to startkorero among whanau.

What is a constitutional review and why should I care?
Starting in 2011, the government will take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how we run this whole country. This is the constitutional review that you will hear about.

This could be very important for Maori, but it certainlywont fix everything. The governments laws and policies have always impacted onour right to live as Maori. Politicsaffect our day to day living; what education our tamariki can receive, what sort of healthcare is available, whether your whanau still own your tupuna land, what support is available for you when you are jobless and homeless or struggling to access basic needs, whether your land will be mined or fracked, whether your seas will be drilled for oil and many many more situations in life. As Maori,political power has often played a big part in our right to our identity and ourunique place as Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa.

What do we have currently?
At the moment we do not have a single document that is our Constitution. We have a collection of different documents and laws that guide how we make laws and policies. The Treaty of Waitangi is considered to be one of those documents. This review will consider the place of the Treaty of Waitangi. The review may have an impact on how we assert ourselves as the Tangata Whenua of this land.

What is at stake?
Together as Maori we could seize this opportunityto designa set of rules according to tikanga and kawa. Our collective wisdom couldoffer an improved system of political power.Positive change for whanau is good for the future of all New Zealanders.

Who should keep me informed?
The government have called for this review. There is a government panelwhowilllead the publicdiscussion.They are called the Constitutional Review Panel.

There is also an iwi group lead byiwi representatives Moana Jackson andMargaret Mutu. They are called the Constitutional Transformation Working Group.

How can I take part?
Both the government panel and the iwi groupwill be asking for your whakaaro and ideas. There will be hui held around the country in 2012.

It is important that whanau understand that this korero is not just for academics, lawyers, politicians and iwi leaders. As Maori, wehave a right and also a responsibility to have our say. Our experiences in our every day lives and our ideas for how to improve our right to live as Maori is the information that we should be asking the government to value.

Your iwi are not the only way to have a say, make sure you know how to be involved no matter where you live or who you are connected to.

Who is putting out this article?
Te Wharepora Hou is a collective of wahine who are mainly Tamaki Makaurau based, but we have strong participation from wahine based elsewhere in Aotearoa and the world. We have come together to ensure a stronger voice for wahine and all those who are too often silenced. We are concerned primarily with the wellbeing of whanau, hapu, iwi and all that pertains to Papatuanuku and the sustenance of our people.

Wewant to ensure that whanau are well informed of important issues so you could contact us if you would like further information.

Te Wharepora Hou


Marama Davidson
021 025 88302


  1. Cant help but feel this is another of the governments lip services that give u the impression that they are including your thoughts & opinions when really they’re not…they’ve been trying there best to get rid of Maori seats in parliament and the Treaty, but much luck to u all anyway…


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