BOP tribe unhappy with haka judging (Radio NZ) #kapahaka


A Bay of Plenty tribe’s performance group has complained about the way a haka competition was judged.

Ngati Rangiwewehi is critical of scores given at a weekend event – which was held to pick the top six teams to go on to next year’s national competition, Te Matatini, in Rotorua.

On Sunday, Ngati Rangiwewehi said there were judging inconsistencies – and filed a complaint with Te Arawa Kapa Charitable Trust – the body overseeing the regional haka competition.

Te Manu Korihiunderstands the complaint is about marks given by one of the 18 judges.

The trust says it thoroughly reviewed the complaint, but it could not make the changes Ngati Rangiwewehi was seeking – because it would mean a winning team would suddenly become losers.

The tribe wants to know why the trust ruled that nothing can be done.

Ngati Rangiwewehi and Te Arawa Kapa Charitable Trust would not reveal any more details, saying the matter was confidential.


  1. renee you know nothing- read the judges score cards- Manaia came nowhere – go nothing in any category – Ngati Rangiwewehi came 1st 1st equal – 2nd 3rd and came nowhere. i feel for them. take it to court like Tuku – just jokes- neat to see the new teams- awesome to us all i say-

  2. really? This is why i hate competitive kapa haka. Sore losers!!!! i mean really? Just give it up man….you didnt win get over it. some other team were better than you on the day.


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