Apr 15, 2021


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Boy the Movie looking to launch in America (but needs your help)

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Boy the most loved and popular film to hit Aotearoa New Zealand EVER, is looking to be set free to try it’s luck in the United States. Taika Waititi has hit the social networking fundraiser website, KickStarter.com to raise the $90,000 needed to get the film distributed in the US.

Kickstarter is focused on creative projects, and it offers a opportunity for artists, filmmakers, and other creative “types” (LOL) to bring their visions to life.

Each Kickstarter project provides details on how much they need to kickstart their goal, via the website, they seek funds (anywhere from $1 up) if they get enough pledges by their date to meet their goal, then the funds get withdrawn from each supporters account.

Taika’s project will only be funded if at least $90,000 is pledged by Friday March 2, at 12pm EST.

So far the project has 381 backers, with $32,902 pledged to date.

For those who pledge their support there are several lovely gifts you get, for instance if you donate $1 Taika promises to say your name quietly to himself at night before he goes to bed and will even send you a little hug in his mind. You’ll also get a free digital poster you can hang proudly on your computer.

For two lucky backers who agree to $10K Taika will give you a personalday-long tour of Waihau Bay, New Zealand with some of the cast and crew members, followed by dinner cooked by himself and his aunty. You’ll also get two round-trip domestic airline tickets, food and lodging included. Plus you can get all the incredible goodies that are on offer (check OUT THE PAGE, it’s really cool!)
We’re backing this incredible project, will you?!

2 thoughts on “Boy the Movie looking to launch in America (but needs your help)

  1. I live in America,Im kiwi and i love “Boy”…..I tell everyone about it.
    When you release it here, it will be a hit…

  2. Really loved the movie and have watch it several times. We lived at Ruatoria for twenty years so could relate to the movie well.Thank you.

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