Hone Harawira responds to Holmes tirade


(NZ Herald) Paul Holmes, Maori have plenty to protest by Hone Harawira

Paul Holmes’ column in Saturday’sWeekend Heraldwas a nasty article from somebody who must have known it would hurt a lot of people. It was mean and mean-spirited. It was deliberately offensive and uncaring, and though he might claim that it was written to spark debate, at the end of the day it was just mean and nasty.

The way he writes it, Maori have no right to protest on Waitangi Day. We should be full of happy, happy, joy, joy.

“You know what I mean Hori – like back in the 60s when you Maoris were all so happy! Remember? When you could all play the guitar, and you all sang in such beautiful harmony, and smiled a lot, and drove trucks and bulldozers, and nobody talked about the Treaty, and none of you ever complained about anything. Why can’t you be like that again?”

Well … the world has moved on quite a bit since those days, but one thing that hasn’t changed that much is protest, and in case you didn’t know it Mr Holmes, Maori have been protesting at Waitangi for quite some time.

Yes, there were protests at Waitangi this year, but did you know Mr Holmes, that there were protests at Waitangi in 1840 … before they even signed the Treaty!

What? What on earth could they have had to protest about back then, I hear you say?

Well, a lot of our tupuna seriously doubted that the Governor and his cronies could be trusted, that’s why. Ring a bell, Mr Holmes?

And quite a lot of them thought that Pakeha just wanted to steal our land.

And they didn’t think a treaty would stop untrustworthy Pakeha traders from pushing gut-rot alcohol into Maori communities.

And they didn’t think a treaty could make dirty, stinking, Pakeha whalers, sailors, thieves and brigands wash more than three times a year.

And some of my tupuna didn’t like the nasty way that early Europeans treated Maori kids – you know, telling them to get out of the way, telling them to shut up, hitting them …

And some of them were protesting because they thought that Pakeha only wanted a treaty to stall for time while they brought their military in to steal what they couldn’t get honestly. Ring a bell Mr Holmes?

You see Mr Holmes, back in 1840, Maori owned the whole of Aotearoa, and although life wasn’t exactly a bunch of roses, we had strong and vibrant societies dotted all round the country, until you guys introduced the gun, the Bible and the pox of course, and wreaked havoc and devastation like we’d never seen before.

So perhaps you can understand, Mr Holmes, that 172 years ago Maori weren’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of signing a deal with an empire that had already signed and broken treaties all around the world.

But we did, and the record suggests that our tupuna did so for all the right reasons – to protect their lands and their forests and their rivers and their resources, and to provide a solid future for their mokopuna.

But things didn’t quite work out that way did they? That’s why we have a Treaty settlement process, with all its flaws and its failings and expectations, on both sides.

But Mr Holmes, did you know that iwi must accept that their Treaty settlements are full and final even though they’re not even allowed to claim land that was actually stolen?

And can you explain why the Government is okay bailing out a failed (Pakeha) finance company down south to the tune of $1.7 billion, but doesn’t want to pay Maori more than $1.4 billion for 63 million acres of dubiously acquired land and resources worth tens of billions of dollars?

When you stack the facts up like that, it’s not hard to see that there’s not a lot to make Maori want to smile and clap is there Mr Holmes?

And yes, life isn’t just about the Treaty (even though your article was all about Waitangi Day).

Maori are also part of the broader fabric of our society. But did you know Mr Holmes, that in terms of health, welfare, education, employment, housing and justice, Maori statistics are still worse than everyone else in the country?

Not exactly something to wave pom-poms at is it? Those are just the facts Mr Holmes, but Waitangi Day is more than just facts.

So I’d also like you to know that along with a whole lot of other people (Maori and Pakeha), I enjoy going to Waitangi every year.

I enjoy the company, I enjoy the politics (both the Maori stuff and the Pakeha stuff), I enjoy the banter, I enjoy the people (both Maori and Pakeha), I enjoy having the kuia tell me they love me even when they’re telling me off, I enjoy watching the kids playing sport, I enjoy the kapa haka groups, I enjoy the kai, I enjoy the march up to the top marae, I enjoy the church service, I enjoy seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, I enjoy the occasion … and yes Mr Holmes, I even enjoy the protest, because protest is every bit a part of Waitangi as anything else.

Waitangi Day is our National Day Mr Holmes. It is rightly commemorated in many different ways in many different parts of the country, but it was at Waitangi that a group of people chose to sign a Treaty that was to be the foundation of our nation, and it is to Waitangi that we rightly return every year to see how well we’re doing.

It’s not always going to be strawberries and cream, but it will always be a part of who we are.

Maybe I’ll see you up there next year, Mr Holmes.

* MP Hone Harawira is the leader of the Mana Party.

By Hone Harawira


  1. Mauri Ora koutou , Paul Homos comments are about promoting viewers to watch his network ,he does this by ruffling the feathers of the maaori cloaks so other red necks will be pursueded to watch his program,as they will be hoping to satisfy their more Maaori bashing appetite ,and importantly the comments of justification , denial makes themselves feel better ,as it must be hard and abit shame full being a Pakeha knowing that your side of the Treaty is not being upheld , that the crown have not honored the treaty , hence the comments such as John Homos makes them feel a little bit better , cause guilt can cause this unwellness ,this sickness is called REDNECKTITUS and comments such as Mr Homos are a like a virus , Maaori suffer from gout threw hereditary and some pakeha suffer REDNECKTITUS threw hertitary which is a condition that is brought upon from Guilt,Hate,Racism and also grand ma sexually admired Maaori’s! Theirfore get well soon our Rednecks of New Zealand join the many pakeha that do want to honor the treaty and that do want equality ,get well and join our pakeha brothers and sisters who do not suffer from REDNECKTITUS , and want to be true Kiwis.I conclude with some advice to the rednecks in our communities stay away from carriers of the REDNECKTITUS virus it seems to be rampant in people with the first name John for example ! John Holmes , John Key , John Banks they are carries of this virus ,i hope they get well soon or die sooner.

  2. Well I just received a letter from the Human Rights Commission (HRC) after complaining to them about Holme’s letter and they advised me to complain to the New Zealand Press Council. The HRC said although paul holmes was a rude git (my own words but same message)his ‘stupidness’ does not reach the high threshold necessary to constitute an arguable breach of s61 of the Act. So my complaint to NZPC has been submitted….we will see what happens next!

  3. Like i had shared before…When i read the article paul holmes had posted.I felt outraged and disgusted. I found a link and read this piece that Hone expressed and responded.
    What a brilliant man Hone!. I also expressed earlier in the week how i felt too. I did not say that i was pakeha or maori, i explained how i myself watched Paul as a youngster and how Media potrayed Maori.

    I am of German Samoan Heritage my husband is Maori.
    Born in New Zealand.
    My husband never, has told me Maori have been mistreated, mislead by public. There was never a need too
    I was taught in school Treaty of Waitangi (The Sugar coated version) but also Teachers who had a real passion to teach truth, i read for myself, formed my own opinion, i even went to Waitangi as a youngster with my family, and to Wellington where the significant piece of that documented history is at. (The Treaty)
    Without a doubt in my mind i know! I am not a Politician, Nor have i ever been a protester, I do not have a higher academic background of Bachelor or Masters. My husband has no influence over the way that i think or feel because he is Maori. I am not blind, or deaf, i have legs and arms and hands that work perfectly. I am not dying.
    I am simply a woman. A New Zealander.

    Well done Hone!!!

  4. Well…Tautoko Hone..!! a thought provoking article, that actually delves deeply into the “Pshy” of Maori and when pondered over honestly and truthfully, it can challenge or expose where each New Zealander are at regarding the truths that are truly being or have been revealed through our history….Some are blinded and deaf, some are sympathetic and just plodding along taking care of their lot,some just dont have a conscious and like Paul Holmes, some are so desperate will stoop to anything, even to rehashing and,resurrecting old stuff that have been heard over and over again…that we are sick of hearing the same old repeated garbage in 2012..What did you expect Paul…something new to emerge from your column??…All it ever did was stir up what was already in the heart of my people…A DISTRUST of the SYSTEM once again and fuelled an energy within our people to stand strong and hold fast to whats left of their MANA…

  5. Kia ora Hone,

    As a pakeha with great pride in being an indigenous (native (ie born in a particular place) or belonging naturally) citizen of Aotearoa, I have in the past written you off as a racist, despite your sophistries regarding that question. In this article, however, I think you are spot on. There are huge questions regarding past, present & future grievances and relations in our once bi-cultural and now multi-cultural society. Waitangi is the obvious and correct time/place for these to be aired and debated. A well argued and balanced reply to someone that thinks he speaks for us all but needed your reality check. I don’t often agree with your broad spectrum rants but this time you got it right.

  6. its all shit in my view, Hone is just a money grabber as is most politicians, what will end up happening is there will be a race war of a sort and we will LOOSE, and id say loose every thing, I think we need to get over ourselves and understand that no one man or being can own the ocean floors or the earth, we are all temporary and if you want to get right down to it then at one point this whole walkable earth was joined and will be again some day, but we will keep feeding the hate and feeding our children the hate, I for one just want to live, not in the past, I respect my past, but it is not the now, things are ever changing, and I refuse to live my short life in anger and hate, that is one reason why I consider moving to a brighter future abroad with my family, why should I allow my blood to grow up in a hateful place, where most of the hate is going brown to white, I mean think about it, how many white people now were there then, I see my family talking about what they can get, have, buy, own, sell, sorry but it is shameful and I feel the shame. pride for the culture, and the past and Mana of my people, sad for people like Hone who keep pushing us down not pulling us up.

    • What school did you NOT go to? The word that i THINK you are trying to use is “lose” NOT “loose”.One word is the opposite of win (lose) and the other is the opposite to tight(loose).Hoha.

    • Yeh, go to Aussie, they’re not racist there. How about America? Canada? Talks like they’re a global citizen not realising that this ‘shit’ is happening all over the world.

    • Really well written Hone ad beautifully expresses now can you please make comment on an article by dumb prick bummer,Michael Laws he uses words like nigger etc.

      Way love your thinking Hone and am starting to read all and evey article interview had by you. I love Rawiri Taonui,Tapu Misa,Materia Turie all educated, intellegent and dambed straight up love it.

  7. Kia Ora Hone,

    Paul Holmes takes great delight in evoking discussion at the expense of others. This might spark discussion and yet it is skewed from his introduction on his programme which then hones the same minded folks to do the normal yet rhetorical rant thereafter.

    Whanau, switch over to the National Programme which provides a balanced and well documented, profiled and chronicled discussions etc on matters that concern whanau and some more :). Such a fantastic radio station which allows us to extend our whakaaro in what, how and accompanied evidence that helps whanau.

    Anei te korero poto. Ahakoa he iti te pounamu, he aroha :).


    Tia Neha

  8. Thank god for Hone Harawira! He’s not afraid to stick up for us!

    Every day we have to deal with Paul Holmes and the like on tv, radio, print, restuarants, schools, mahi, all day, every single damn day and it’s hard, real hard.

    I’m not a protester but i applaud them, and all our tipuna that have protested for us – just to be who we are, maori. If our tipuna hadn’t we would be worse off, just where the rednecks want us. We still have a lot of work to do, just to be seen as equals.

  9. well said Hone , I agree i go to Waitangi to see and talk to people both Maori and Pakeha i havent seen for ages and i see our youth playing sports and kapa haka and our waka in the water,and get told off by my kuia and koroua why i havent been around to see them and people enjoying the day for what it is, and it wouldnt matter if you changed it to another day, the treaty is part of our life in what ever degree we want it to be.its just a burnt up rat chewn piece of paper to that idiot Holmes and Laws Holmes is a nasty piece of work we all heard his rant about the “cheeky Darky ” and yet he is still media. so its not surprising he is still on the payroll for the white is right brigade

  10. kia te rangatira o te mana part kei te tautoko te korero o tenei rangatira hone harawira iv always admired the courage over the years of your whawhai for the betterment for the maori people and all so for pakeha as well AND also i have been on the waitangi marches back in the 1980s and have always supported what you and other moari around aotearoa have done for the people be maori or pakeha nga mihi nui kia koe hone harawira ko koe he rangatira o te iwi na hori bellass no te iwi o te rarawa me ngapuhi me ngati maniapoto nga iwi

  11. TWM Legislative Violations of the Treaty of Waitangi

    ———————————————————————–The first 150 years

    Maori owned 66,400,000 acres of land
    Land Claims Ordinance stated that lands not actually occupied or used by the Maori belonged to the Crown. This contradicted Article 2 of the Treaty

    Governor Fitzroy dropped the pre-emption clause in Article 2 of the Treaty and allowed private sales to take place.

    Governor Grey abolished the Protectorate Department, which had the responsibility of protecting Maori rights, and gave the New Zealand Company the exclusive right of pre-emption.

    Maori ownership of land reduced to 34,000,000 acres.
    In the 12 years since 1840 almost half of the Maori owned land had been lost.

    Constitution Act:
    Saw the establishment of Provincial Government. Only males over 21 who had individual title to property of a certain value were entitled to vote. Very few Maori males were able to do so.

    Te Ati Awa Chief Teira sold the Governor land at Waiata without seeking the agreement of the other chiefs who had an interest in the land, especially the Senior Chief Wiremu Kingi. This was a breach of the Treaty’s land guarantee.

    Maori Owned Land reduced to 21,4000,000 acres

    Native Lands Act:
    Designed to break down Maori communal ownership of land. A land court was set up to individualise title. An ammendment to the act meant that Maori owners could sell to anyone. This breached the pre-emption clause in Article 2.

    Governor Grey invades the Waikato region.
    Suppression of Rebellion Act:
    No right to trial before imprisonment. Its intention was to punish “certain aboriginal tribes of the colony” for rebelling against the Crown.

    New Zealand Settlement Act:
    Over three million acres of Maori land was confiscated to pay for the war.

    Native Reserves Act:
    All remaining land reserved for Maori use was put under settler control.

    Native Land Court
    Designed to determine ownership. Maori owners had to spend many months in town waiting to have their cases heard. If they did not show up they lost the right to the land. This caused many of them to build up huge debts and they had to sell a lot of their land to pay for them. Maori owners had to pay for any surveying work that had to be done. Many Maori owners sold land rather than go through the humiliating experience of the Land Court sitting.

    Between 1865 and 1875, 10 million acres of land was lost by Maori

    Oyster Fisheries Act:
    Prevented Maori from fishing commercially. Maori commercial fishing enterprises at the time went broke and they had to sell land to meet their debts.

    Maori Representation Act:
    Four Maori seats in Parliament erstablished. A response to Pakeha fear that Maori who by now had a majority under the property qualification clause of the 1852 Constitution Act in a number of electorates could gain a majority in Government.

    The Native Schools Act:
    Was passed extending the parameters of the 1858 Act. These schools would assist in the process of assimilation.

    A new Maori version of the Treaty was requested by the Government. “Kawanatanga” in Article 1 is replaced by “nga mana Katoa o te Rangatiratanga”.

    A Government stipulation that instruction in Native Schools had to be in English.

    The Treaty is declared a nullity by Judge Prendergast in the Bishop of Wellington v Wi Parata case. Legislation was introduced to allow direct purchase of Maori land. This was another breach of Article 2,

    An amendment by Grey of the Native Land Act made it easier for small farmers to get Maori land. The Government sabotaged the Commission that was set up to investigate land confiscation in Taranaki.

    Peace Preservation Bill:
    One year’s hard labour for Maori people who refused to leave their abodes.

    Maori Prisoners’ Act:
    200 Maori arrested in Taranaki for preventing the surveying of confiscated land. Kept in prison for an indefinite period without trial.

    West Coast Settlement Act:
    Any Maori in Taranaki could be arrested without a warrant and jailed for two years with hard labour if they built anything or in any way hindered the surveying or property.

    Native Reserves Act:
    The control of Maori reserves is taken over by the Public Trustee.

    2500 troops invade Parihaka and Te Whiti the prophet is arrested.

    Native Lands Administration Act:
    Rejected the traditional right of communal ownership. Maori land was given over to small groups of trustees who had the right under this act to sell it.

    Te Whiti was re-arrested (under the West Coast Preservation Act of 1881) without warrant, charge or trial and jailed for three months.

    Native Land Act:
    Large scale direct purchase of Maori land. Bastion Point, Auckland appropriated for defence purposes.

    Maori Land stood at 11,079,486 Acres

    The Native Department was abolished.

    Native Land Purchase and Acquisition Act:
    Designed to speed up the purchase of Maori Land.

    Advances to Settlers Act:
    Low interest loans made available to white settlers to buy land from the Government.
    Native Land Court Act:
    Names on the Certificate of Title were deemed trustees or beneficial owners.
    Validation of Invalid Land Sales Act:
    Any Pakeha misdealings concerning Maori land were legitimised.

    Maori Land Settlement Act:
    Maori land was put under the control of Land Councils. There was no Maori representation. The settler population had increased and so had their desire for land.

    92 Maori in Taranaki were arrested for ploughing land in protest of Public Trustee control of their lands.

    An act re-affirms Judge Prendergast’s 1877 ruling that the Treaty is a nullity.

    The abolition of Native Councils (they had slowed down the Government’s land purchases).

    There were amendments to the Native Land Act which forced further sales of Maori land.

    Tohunga Suppression Act:
    Penalties were imposed on tohunga (experts in Maori medicine and Maori spirituality).

    Native Land Act:**
    Maori could no longer use the whangai system for adopting children. The Act was to prevent the adoption by Maori of Pakeha children.

    Maori land now amounted to 7,137,205 acres

    Maori servicemen who returned after WWI were not eligible for the benefits of the Rehabilitation Scheme. The scheme was only available to Pakeha servicemen.

    Maori land reduced to 4,787,686 acres

    Wiremu Tahopotiki Ratana was snubbed when he took Treaty grievances to King George.

    Ratana M.I.’s present petition with 30,000 signatures calling for ratification of the Treaty. It was ignored. Maori received half the unemployment benefit given to the Pakeha. A single Maori received 7s 6d and a Pakeha 15s.

    Maori land reduced to 4,028,903 acres.

    Maori Affairs Act:
    If Maori land was not occupied or being used then it was declared “waste land” and taken by the Government.

    Town and Country Planning Act:
    Prevented Maori from building on their land. This forced many Maori to move from rural areas to the cities.

    The Hunn Report:
    Jack Hunn, a top-ranking civil servant, recommended a stepping up of the assimilation process.

    Maori Affairs Amendment Act:
    Maori trustee had the right to ask individuals to sell their interest to the Government. Land owned by fewer than four Maori people had to be put under one title.

    Rating Act:
    Maori freehold land subject to rates.

    Maori land reduced to 3,000,000 acres

    The Crown created a property right with the introduction of a fisheries quota system. A breach of Article 2.

    Maori Fisheries Act:
    Re-definition of an important part of Article 2, which guarantees Maori “full exclusive possession of the Lands and Estates, Forest, Fisheries”. By 31st October 1992 Maori are granted 10% of the fishing quota. The Government has re-defined full as 10%. A further breach of the Treaty agreement.

    **Correction: replaces 1909 Native Health Act , the original incorrect citation.

    NOTE: The above information was sourced from Nga Tangata Cosmos, now offline.

  12. Hardout…he forgets that it was these same “cheeky darkies” who tautoko his white ass when his helicopter crashed at Anaura. Worry bout cleaning up your drug f#cked daughter before you throw stones at us holmes.

  13. Kiaora Hone Tautoko your korero.

    This person should look at himself first ere making statements that do cause undue backlashes about people who stand up for their rights regardless their origin,
    It is at the end of the day about partnership, something that has been lacking for a very long time in the history of our country, between the people we call the govt, and ourselves as tangatawhenua,
    Kia kaha Hone go hard 🙂

  14. I tautoko your article Hone and me and my whanau need to plan to take a trip back to Waitangi – hopefully next year. Its the media who do the stirring and emphasise more on the protesting to make it look bad. But we’re no fools and will not be gameplayed by Paul Holmes with his rubbish comments.

  15. I Tautoko your korero 100% Hone and it was pleasing to note also that you did not lower yourself to Paul Holmes level in your response. It only goes to show what a truely vile and ugly person he really is, also not surprisingly the amount of white people that support his rantings. It is good though to note also that their are those tauiwi out there that have taken the time to understand why and where maori grievences have occured.

  16. Well said Rangatira,

    If they want to pay us millions then its them who is being naieve? But hey, SURELY, a government wouldnt just hand over money? They MUST OWE it to the people!
    Our whenua is important to us because of the value of MANA it holds! Not MONEY! Our Afterbirth our Pito our Mate are there! We are one with the earth! But SOME pakeha, not ALL but SOME will never understand what it means to have MANA!
    Just give us whats ours and it will all be happy!

    And Paul Holmes, I had a good laugh AT you! Have a little IHU in your own backyard first aye before you speak about someone elses!
    And another thing, My 99 year old Kuia Rarely speaks and when she does its so quiet she might as well whisper, after all this time she is still Traumatised from the beatings she recieved from her school teacher for not being partial to the FOWL english language. Thus is just a small difficulty the pakeha have caused in my WHANAU from 95 years ago! I should be able to listen to her stories but as she says “KAO, mamae taku ngakau! KAO Not good not good”

  17. I read the Aritcle online which was posted on the New Zealand Herald
    “Waitangi Day a complete waste by Paul Holmes”
    I grew up watching Paul Holmes as a youngster he was the Man a Hero my Dad loved to watch and listen to on the telly. Pauls thoughts and opinions mattered. Watching Maori on T.v back in the days showed that they were either Entertainers or the Ugly lying people who always fought with Police. That was how it was potrayed growing up.
    (Media being one sided)In High School you find out and were educated about the History of New Zealand the Sugar Coated version, and The Treaty of Waitangi. As a teenager you find out how much crap Maori had to put up with all these years, how they have been wrongfully treated, potrayed as criminals when it was and have always been the Governing one sided voice. I Apologise to Maori i apologise i am sorry
    What Paul Holmes said was Mean and what a prick he was to say this. Tagging Maori as bullies then Sugar Coated with ANZAC, and to end it off with Piri Weepu being the Black Maori Cherry on top…Dont you think that was reverse Psychology few stobborn White New Zealand brain washing.

    Paul Holmes
    “Well, it’s a bullshit day, Waitangi. It’s a day of lies. It is loony Maori fringe self-denial day. It’s a day when everything is addressed, except the real stuff.”

    The Nerve of this man… We denied Maori their rights, we took away their land and sold them to the highest bidder. We turned the other cheek and put stats and rated them on Education, Living , Employment we were taught by Society, Government and Media themselves not to trust and take whats not yours, Our Country and the forefathers who took their land were really thieves. Have we given back ownership of the land?? no bacause we New Zealand have made it difficult for Maori to go ahead and say: Hey! apply for it, prove its yours and with a few $.$$$$$$$ well give it to you on loan.

    So really for all New Zealand the true and real stuff needs to be addressed and not through fair fax media as John Key had Primary injected a good amount of DIRTY DOSH to keep them afloat.

    Hone Harawira well done

  18. Kia ora Hone and well said, we both know aye that as ‘Love trumps Hate so too, does Fact over Fiction’ If only Holmesy realised it himself!

  19. I think we should remember also that Paul Holmes is disrespecting his son and stepdaughters tupuna. They are both of Te Aupouri descent. So if he thinks he is making a laughing stock of us Maori, what is he doing to his own flesh and blood?

  20. Well put, Hone. Though I noticed you refrained from calling it a “hate speech”. There is, after all, a legal issue here…


    And many do appear to think that the Holmes rant counts as hate speech…


    And many are wanting to do something about it…


  21. Kia Kaha Hone, That was a great response, and I am happy that you didn’t lower yourself to the gutter that paul holmes seems to like wallowing in.
    Racism is Racism is Racism!!! NZ Herald, you should be ASHAMED and embarassed at having printed that tripe.

  22. tena koe e hone nga mihi you dont know me but i’m the one with the electric bike at the parihaka festival u were looking at.firstly to u paul holmes u suck u profess to be a mohio/know all but u really know nothing, about us or our history, good on u hone 4 sticking up 4 us,u always front up to the a– holes that keep popping up, u have da big kahunas my friend while P holmes is just a pussy, he drops his sh-t then he runs like the turd he is n waits 4 a reaction and support from people just like himself. i would luv 2 see u in a fight 4 life with holmes but alas i know u would knock his block off, but hone if it ever eventuates could u please punch him right on the chops 4 me hahahaha what u reckon hone think he’ll bite

  23. Big respect to you Hone for responding in the way that you have. Paul Holmes article came across mean spirited to me also, regarding not just his comments about Maori but also his personal insults against Assad in Syria & also making fun of Bedouin leader Qaddafis brutal murder. He talks about common behaviour & yet he is one of the most common people that ever walked the earth. Does he know Assad apart from what he reads printed in the puppet publications of the western elite? Has he talked to Syrian people? Does he know Aisha Qaddafi, does he care that she is mourning the loss of her father who was sodomised & murdered by savage hired thugs of the western imperialists, did he know she is mourning the death of her children, her little babies & 2 brothers? How hateful & hurtful it is to read such poison comments, comments that he has just spat out like poison darts to infect the heart of his readers. Qaddafi & native Libyans would have successfully fought & been vicorious against the ql qaeda thugs in their country, however the bombardment by nato bombs numbering in the tens of thousands is impossible for anyone to survive & so his battered & bruised convoy could do nothing against such might, 6million people against the forces of the worlds most technologically advanced military. To laude & celebrate the then brutal murder of a 72yr old man, already bruised and bleeding just rips out my heart. Libya was home to Africans numbering 2million, the only refuge in the world for these people who had their guts clawed out by the policies of the greedy colonialists, Qaddafi loved these Africans like sons & now thanks to attitudes like Paul Holmes they are being sought & executed. He showed his true colours, most despicable attitude & utter racism. I have started a blog in response so will post it, I have also lodged a complaint to the NZ Herald & the Human Rights commissioner, this rotten little man should not have a voice, he is dangerous to the safety of all free people…

    • We all agree that the common behaviour is that of the colonialists and yes Paul Holmes you moko whay about them. Angela the common behaviour and attitude Paul shows and otherslike him are a dying race I hope! and thakyou for the offical complaints you see if we complain then we are to close to the fire however if it comes from our pakeha brothers and sisters jt holds more wieght I believe

      Joy love you…arohanui ki a koe e hoa.

  24. Holmes has a point though, all this protesting makes you sour – I see so many sour Maori these days. The more you create a separation between the races – the longer it will continue…

    • until religion and all its lies and shit GOD is replaced by TRUTH.. MAORI WILL continue to protest. dont tell me MAORI HAD GODS noway….. MAORI LIVED ONE WITH ONE AND THE WAIRUA there was no need for a shit GOD!!!! IF THERE IS A GAP IT IS ONLY CAUSED BY THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWING MORE INTRUDERS INTO THIS COUNTRY TO LIVE. Stay in your own country and sort your shit out not here bringing your false GODS and FAIRYTALE BIBLES

      • your hypocritical xenophobic assault on someone merely expressing an opinion is a perfect picture of the attitudes that infect some new zealanders (white and maori) and enforce division between peoples. I agree with Hone but dont use his opinion as a justification for you to spout your idiocy

    • Gosh Nick! Open your eyes and heart and ears! Look around you mate?..I live in Oz, but I can see the crap going on back home mate! Sheesh! some people!

    • Nick please explain what you mean. Which maori are you referring to as sour? you seem intent on creating a separation by labelling people sour without explaining your basis for doing so..
      I am not Maori or pakeha, I am a child of the universe, tangata whenua of this land, I love good attitudes, respect diversity & freedom. If you have a beef bro, bring it up at the time instead of harbouring it to fester in your heart. The here-now is the only reality, lets enjoy what is her in front of us, love never separates, its the mind that does that…

    • Give me just a few reasons wdhy we shoulf revert back to the 60’s Maori.I ve have seen alot of sour Pakeha faces to so their excuse is?

      Come on Nick seperation well just to mention one example should I how about this,when a Maori is charged with a crime he has no say over te process and or te outcome YET when the CROWN is being accused and charged with historical theif, evidenced by the current return of land and financial compensation dictates terms reference points and outcomes with a date attacked to it is an example of seperate or preferential treatment in favour of the Colonial Pakeha always!

    • Nga mihi kia koe Hone, ae Tautoko…..

      My korero is to Nick……

      Whats sour about wanting to PROTEST Nick?
      Protesting is about disapproving on whats happen
      and continues to happen from the pass to the present!!
      (You need to go back in order to understand and move forward)

      Most of our tangata of today are ‘Confused and
      Sour’ because of the inter-generational assimilation
      that happened to their tupuna that still causes ripple effects
      and separation today, hence why we have behaviours that lack
      connected and belonging from their culture, whenua and now whanau!

      Protesting is about not being heard and standing up in that so called partnership!
      its like a broken marriage, thats one sided!!!
      In the end the abuse is unseen and sweep under the carpet!!
      separation in this sense, is caused by ‘the lack of understanding,
      reciprocal interaction and communication’ which should of happened back
      in 1840 but still continues to happen in 2012.

      So what youre seeing and hearing now Nick
      is somebody’s point of view thats never bothered to hear
      both sides of the story or knows both sides and never bothered to ‘CARE

      So ask yourself this question Nick….Whats the intention of this Protest?

    • attitude, disrespect and a typical BOGAN attitude!Maori are not sour, they’re hurting, because of your forefathers colonial bullshit..what school did you go to?

  25. Ka pai Hone… karawhiua! Well said, although Holmes is just representing what a lot of people want to hear…it’s not about truth or balnce it’s always been about spin, interpretaion and deception.

    As Te Whiti o Rongomai said..E kore te uku e piri ki te rino.’clay will not cling to iron’ suggesting as wet clay will not cling to iron when it dries so to the trappings of the Pakeha adopted by Maori at that time will be cast off by their descendents at some stage in the future. Tama tu tama ora Tama noho tama mate!

  26. I will never forget that this path was cleared along time ago and we shall continue walking it till everything is put right……

    Our people forever enduring, forever struggling even when we were neally wipe off the very face of our motherland & they still won’t acknowledge our founding fathers document…. but it seems to be ok for them to break gods will but adjusting, changing & applying their own will on us the people damn them to gods wrath. I’M so feed up with this injustice system, that for pure greed, THEY don’t care about us, which overall has nothing to do WITH being MAORI hang on maori means ORDINARY right heck, someone please explain, why highly educated idiots don’t understand MAORI/ORDINARY eh unreasonable, no wonder our children are so disheartened, they say maori are uneducated I say if you can read & write your educated. they say were criminals hmmm well IF I robbed you I’VE your home & everything in it and left you homeless what did you expect of me, not to have anything that you now claimed belongs to you the elite, how were MAORI/ORDINARY PEOPLE to survive, well I guess jails a HOME NOW, roof over your head, food in your belly, no bills & everything paid 4, heck WHAT DO I GOTA DO TO DESERVE THAT DAMN SHAME, BUT NOPE IM NOT ASHAMMED OF BEING MAORI/ORDINARY….JAIL would have been a better place for the homeless OUR ELDERLY, the retirered EVERYTHING FREE….what clowns run govt idiots, babies abuse well if you had looked after your LANDLORDS maori/ORDINARY people, TENANTS the CROWN…..you would find just like you RICH tenants us POOR maori LANDLORDS NO DOUBT THIS PROBLEM, PROBABLY WOULD’NT BE A PROBLEM IF ONLY. THE BLINKING TENANTS THE CROWN STOP CHANGING THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT TI TIRITI O WAITANGI…..

    Below are various comment posted in response, regarding what Paul Holmes wrote about our Nation day, Waitangi Day…..

    George ()
    09:42 AM Sunday, 12 Feb 2012

    Tena Koe Mr Holmes. Tena Koutou nz. It is important to remember that these Maori protesters are also descendants of nzers that fought and died in the same wars as your Father, & Uncles.

    In ww2 the famous 28th maori battalion, who according to nz Army Commander General Freyberg, were the outstanding infantry unit in ww2 – had a 70%! Casualty rate I.e. 7 out every 10 Maori sons & dads either killed, wounded, mia, or imprisoned.

    Many of these soldiers were from families that at the time had valid grievances against the nz Govt for injustices. If you look through old Maori war photos youll see names like Harawira pop up.

    My point is that these waitangi protesters are not somehow the opposite of dutiful kiwis that paid the price for nz, they in actual fact belong to a group of people that have historically paid a heavier price than any othr group for this country.

    Its not pleasant to watch politicians get roughed up, but maybe if pakeha powerholders weren’t so blind, injustices were truly set right,and goalposts didnt keep getting moved by the Pakeha status quo, Maori wouldnt be so frustrated & angry on the only day a year they get national tv coverage – honour the treaty! God defend nz.
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    8 hours ago Like.

    Oh & Bruce (Mt Maunganui) who I was going to ignore but that would be unfair of me, I’m not ignorant eh thought about it tho :))
    09:46 AM Sunday, 12 Feb 2012

    Well spoken Paul although just wait for the cries of denial from all the do-gooders. When Cook first arrived in NZ it is said the Maori thought the white man had eyes in the back of their heads because they faced backwards as they rowed ashore.

    It appears to be the one thing that some Maori learned from the invaders (as they would have it). While the rest of the nation tries to look forward and to make a better tomorrow, there is a vocal and publicised minority of Maori who are mired in the past and looking backwards. For some idiot professor to quote holocaust and say it is causing some sort of post-traumatic syndrome centuries later is pathetic.

    Maori have been granted billions of taxpayer funded compensation with little to show for it and certainly the true good that should have started to happen in terms of higher educational achievement, reduction of violence etc has yet to materialise.

    Maybe it’s time government kept control of these handouts and only dished them out for causes that will directly lead to a raising of maori standards in all sorts of areas.
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    8 hours ago Like.

    Hannah T (New Plymouth)
    09:48 AM Sunday, 12 Feb 2012

    Paul, you and your supporters just have no idea at all. I’m not Maori, but I’ve taken the time to actually try to find out a thing or 2 about the culture before judging it, and I just cannot express how ignorant you are. All of those problems you are talking about? The stats, truancy and baby bashing? Yeah, they were all caused by your kind and your ancestors, and are being perpetuated by you. Yes, actually, by you.

    Every population has its issues, but none of the things you guys complain about as being ‘brown problems’ existed before you guys arrived, they are Pakeha problems, which have been forced upon Maori as Maori were pushed to the margins of society and not allowed to become socially mobile.

    Waitangi day is explosive because the hurt is still there, those are real actual people still suffering from the injustices, so of course it gets blown wide open in the same way people feel sad/angry when the anniversary of the death of a loved one rolls around. Violence is never the answer, and Waitangi day is not about guilt, but it is about responsibility; everyone in nz taking responsibility and acknowledging that it’s not up to the bully to decide when the victim feels better!
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    Jeff ()
    09:54 AM Sunday, 12 Feb 2012

    You are kidding right. A small group of activists jump up and down and make a scene and the whole Maori race is tarnished? What if those same Activists started to play up on anzac Day? Would you call that filthy and disgusting public holiday as well? This drivel has the desperate odour of a fading personality attached to it. Someone pass Paul his medicine and tuck him in for his afternoon sleep.

    41 likesLikeYou like this
    29 minutes ago Unlike 1.


    We see such ignorance as a failure of both the education system and the media to educate all New Zealanders about the Crowns breaches of the Treaty and the continuing impact on M?ori of these breaches and of processes of colonisation which are manifested in



    World War 1 was fought to decide whose rich would benefit from which colonies and to settle scores among the elite.
    70 million participants in the war now gone….



    SO WRONG….As you know theres always a msg….I’m for sharing. “SHARING IS CARING” and Mr PM JOHN KEYS I don’t dislike you, But Just the very thoughts that your ways are unjust…. saddens many, who love, who care.


    But MR PAUL HOLMES I don’t see that as your Mr PM JOHN KEYS MAIN priority, which then leads to so much more UNREST…..Its like selling your own childrens future, so on, & so forth.
    It almost seems like someone must have a bullet to your head for you to sell your own children, childrens future. Either that or your love for money & power over rides family values.


    Did you know “In the wake of the LTCM collapse John Key had to fire
    hundreds of people. It earned him the nickname The
    Smiling assassin.







  27. Your letter Hone to Paul Holmes??? X’s 2!!!! One from you the Maori AND the other from me the Pakeha!!!

    His public swipe of Waitangi Day… Shameful, Arrogant, and Uneducated!!!

    Mr Holmes,,, THIS “PAKEHA GIRL” you have embarrassed !!!
    Might see you at the picket line…. me on 1 side, you on the other… You on the other??? Bet we DON’T!!

  28. I shudder to think about the merits of signing a treaty with the French. One only has to look at our pacific brothers in Tahiti and New Caledonia. Are they better off…….I think not………They brought their atomic bombs down to Mururoa atoll for testing in 73 and 86 as did the british to Christmas Island. So I think not. We as Maori would not have been better off. to Hone Harawira nga mihi e hoa………….ka pai to whaka nga korero o Holmes…..kia kaha….mauriora

  29. Tino pai Hone, If anyone can its you..holmes is too gutless to front up kanohi ki te kanohi..so you challenge his unholy comments..

  30. Ae! Thank you Hone for telling it like it is and laying bare the prejudices that accompany such articles as written by Mr Holmes.
    I am grateful that there is and are Maori public figures who are willing to stand up for our side of the story. To think our koros went to war to fight for them who took our land. They’re now paying us back by selling off that land and having a go at us for not smiling, playing the guitar and singing about it.

  31. Well said Mr Harawira, pretty much put Paul in his proper place….”put ur foot up his ass” but diplomatically put in words!…..lol priceless!

  32. Tena koe Hone. I too enjoyed being at Waitangi this year and I most certainly will return next year too. Nga mihi.

  33. Maori’s should have done what the WEST COAST maori’s DID … LEFT WAITANGI & followed the FRENCH. Bishop POMPALLIER knew the TREATY was nothing more than a SCAM !! AND more than likely they would have worked with MAORI for the benefit of ALL .. Might have even recognized MAORI as TREATY partners, they’ve honored our DEAD by sending them home to where they belong AND have even given of their OWN ( POMPALLIER .. RE Interned to the HOKIANGA.)
    OH how better off we’d be IF we went & signed with the FRENCH instead of parasites that call themselves TREATY PARTNERS( MUPPETS ) !!!!

    • The French do not and never have recognised anyone as partners (or equals)but themselves.

      To Mr Hone Harawera, I feel Paul Holmes got what he set out to get… a bite from you. His ideas and opinions should be treated with the contempt they deserve.


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