Apr 18, 2021


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It’s official! Te Arawa Kapa Haka results confirmed

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It’s official (well the local newspaper has announced it anyway!) The six groups are:

  • 1 Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao
  • 2 Te Matarae i Orehu
  • 3 Nga Uri o Te Whanoa
  • 4 Kataore
  • 5 Manaia
  • 6 Nga Potiki o Hinehopu

(Whare Akuhata | Rotorua Daily Post) Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao swept aside the competition in taking out first place at the Te Arawa Regional Kapa Haka Competition 2012.

The champion group won first place in five of the six sections – whakaeke (entry), waiata moteatea, waiata-a-ringa (action song), poi, haka and whakamutunga (exit).

Group spokesperson John Turi said it was an honour especially with the high level of competition. ”

We were competing with the giants.” Mr Turi was delighted and said it was really lovely to have such a large number of groups competing which allowed six teams to go through to the Te Matatini National competition being hosted by Te Arawa next year.

All six will represent Te Arawa well and it is important since we’re hosting it.” Mr Turi said some of the new groups stepped up including Nga Potiki o Hinehopu who placed sixth and also are eligible to compete at the nationals.

The champion’s performance was more traditional and Mr Turi said they had taken a leaf from their ancestors. “We looked at (footage) in the archives and brought some of those ideas back. We focussed on simplicity and getting our message across clearly.”

“We were pleased with our performance.” It was a packed house at the Rotorua Energy Centre who witnessed the 22 Te Arawa teams compete and six make it through to the national competition next year.

Note: Yesterday TW.com mistakenly suggested that a error counting points meant that Manaia did not get through, this was INCORRECT, and we apologise to the whanau for any distress.

8 thoughts on “It’s official! Te Arawa Kapa Haka results confirmed

  1. Kia Ora Te Arawa. I’ve proud links to Te Arawa and traveled from my home land of Ngati Kahungunu to support the kings and queens of Kapahaka at the regionals. The day itself started perfectly setting the scene for what was to be a day to remember and one I’m proud to share with my whanau.. Being amongst the people to witness the amazing talent of Te Arawa was worthwhile the early morning trek. An electrifying atmosphere with A sell out crowd. Each roopu who performed represented the honor of their Tipuna, Hapu and Iwi. Each roopu gave heart and soul. Some experienced and others fresh and new but all equally exciting. But Once again controversy surrounds your regionals and raises questions about the integrity of the end results casting a shadow on everyone. The hard work put in by everyone, performers,organisers, whanau tautoko, fundraisers, promoters etc deserve to know that those who are in charge know what they are doing. Once ok, disappointing but kind of acceptable, twice you can accept abit of unsettle but three times, you run the risk of loosing face not just amongst your own Iwi but Nationally. All systems have their flaws, all systems have quality assurances, your not exempt to the rule. If there is a message in all this, it’s obvious your processes are flawed and need reviewing so that the faith and trust is reinstalled. Or you may as well leave it to chance and the winners be drawn from a lucky dip. Not to take anything away from the groups who performed because you deserve to be the center of this korero. There is no doubt that Te Arawa have some amazing talent and we look forward to Matatini. So clear the controversy because heads up Whanau the Nation will be coming to you next year and expecting world class Kapahaka performances from you and gearing up to put their best forward. The performers are ready that was obvious, are you the officials ready?

  2. no way whanau is anyone to blame for this mis-construed announcement, for one it was a valid point that more that a few were thinking, this sight is not only on the pulse but is the voice of the people!. All i know is there is something strange in the results yesterday, and its been moved to Te Matatini to take care of!. The facts are, two sets of judges? For one competition?, strange much? VERY! Ohwell the future will bring us clarity! I <3 tangatawhenua.com!

  3. I was disgusted that it was advertised in the paper as $10 for adults and $5 for children. Then on arriving to pay for tickets – ticketmaster slapped on another charge!! And nothing was done by Monty Morrison or Donna Grant to change this!!! Where is leadership to speak out against INJUSTICE?? its just another Morrison arrangement to take money from us!! You got be more than a stage performance in this world we live!! we NEED the FULL PACKAGE now – which the stage performance gotta match, speaking out in the community – against RACIST injustice!!

  4. cols

    perhaps you guys should really make sure before you print information so that you do not have to apologise profusely to those you have defamed. Im sure you guys want to have your finger on the pulse, however, good practice would be that you check your info out first before printing perhaps?

    1. Ae, we hear ya! Probably defamed is the wrong word in this case, but in the future we’ll definitely be more robust in our fact checking when reporting the results, shames on us, but we luve and learn and move on. Kia Ora ra!

    2. that said, the committee needs to strongly consider a better comms strat, we had over 10,0000 views on our site (70% looking for haka results) it’s not enough anymore to simply rely on the whanau to get the scores out to those who weren’t there or who had to leave early.

  5. So can you please publish the actual Aggregate results for the Te Arawa regionals like 1st, 2nd & 3rd for each item.

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