Apr 14, 2021


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John Key hears the roar of rangatahi Maori (re: hangi ban)

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Facebook and Twitter users have got the halls of the Prime Minister listening loud and clear and department officials are assuring the public that there are no plans to ban hangi.

TangataWhenua.com reported yesterday that social networking sites had blown up with concerns that hangi might be banned, John Key’s public Facebook was bombarded with angry posts (most which have been deleted now) and we saw our website inundated with requests for information.

The Office of the Prime Minister has responded to an email from TangataWhenua.com saying:

There is no plan to ban hangi.”

We worked out that much of the confusion has come from the impending Food Bill which will see a restructuring of food regulations and how people go about applying and meeting these requirements.

In a conversation with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry – it was stressed that for fundraising, it was actually going to be easier to organise (as long as you held under 20 hangi fundraisers a year). It was pointed out that the Food Bill is about issues around the selling of food in a commercial sense, it is not about growing or sharing food.

There have always been regulations (this emerged in the comments section of our first story) – suggesting that to sell hangi (for fundraising) permits have been required for some time, under the new guidelines permits will not be required if you meet the 20 and under criteria.

What do you think whanau? Korero mai!

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8 thoughts on “John Key hears the roar of rangatahi Maori (re: hangi ban)

  1. Nga mihi nui ki a korua Potaua korua ko Nikolassa i to kaha ki te panui atu i nga korero me nga awangawanga o te iwi.
    Mauri Ora.

  2. first a food bill to control who grows and distributes food , and now a rumour to put a ban on hangi , hmmm.

    Where did the rumour/information originate ?

    Where does any political rumour originate ? .

    Who let out this information and was it/is it a survey ?.

    If it came from a friendly source Ka pai ,but,
    What are the reasons for leaking or letting out of this info from unfriendly sources[john key and co],more to the point , why a hangi ban .

    I’ll bet my bottom dollar none of this is money orientated .

    I live in Brisbane and so i’m seperated from noise created about this latest ploy which enables me to see an unclouded pic , and , what i see is the very beginings of a very nasty agenda on the part of the NZ settlers government .

    I think before we get up in arms about it , we need to do some stratigising of our own as a people .
    If you think we can’t do it , i’ll remind you of and oldy but a goody .

    Whanau , Hapu , Iwi , Nga Iwi katoa 🙂

  3. It’s just because they’re not making much money from it. so they’re founding ways to make more money from it by altering the old rules.
    bloody eggs 😛

  4. You wander why we leave our beautiful country it’s because of idiots like John Keys.Dont worry about our Hangi worry about making jobs for our people and the economy of our country stupid stupid man

    1. Leaving the country don’t help the cause bro.
      I understand most leave to make a better life for the whanua, but just think the more that leave the least people there are to fight and to hold on to our Mana. Control is the name of the game, ask yourself where and how does that start.
      1. No employment: which in most cases takes away your mana/independence.
      (which leads too)
      2. Improvishment: can’t pay your bills .etc.
      (which leads the loss of):
      3. Housing: mortgage/rental and all that goes hand and hand with that.
      Lastly lets contol the:
      4: Food: There is already control over the rights of flora,forestry, fisheries,”still trying” to control whats above and under the sea and fresh water.
      Why not take away a means that as a surviving “Indigenous Nation” who are still able to resort, a traditional means to cook food, give warmth and feed our whanau,Iwi,Hapu whatever colour or creed you may come from as Maori say Te tangata, te tangata are first and foremost important. Maori have always known how to achieve a profit for themselves or others when the need is great and thats what it is all about that we can take from heaven/earth at no cost and make something from it.

  5. He sells our assets to oversea’s buyers!
    Now he wants to ban our hangis.Our kaumatua’s and our kuia’s will be fuming not to mention this has been our way for many generations. Is he trying to start a war between Maori and European’s, it looks like it!
    I dread to think what will happen when he goe’s onto another marae or to have meetings with our elders.To think the marjority of people put their trust and faith in you to be our prime minister.

    I have no sympathy for you, you as a Pakeha really do not like Maoi people at all the worst part about it im 1/8th Maori and you are a disgrace to your European race.

  6. Its just anutha way 4 government 2gt more money 2 pay off da loans dey hv taken owt from otha goverments and we hv 2 pay it back 4 dem.

  7. i rekon we shouldn’t have 2 pay at all. just asking a question now, can u tel me what were the 3 main clauses that was signed on the treaty. Thanks

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