Apr 14, 2021


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King Country iwi occupy Crafar farms

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(Radio NZ) A member of a King Country iwi occupying one of the Crafar farms says they want to engage with the Crown over their claim to their ancestral whenua – a claim for which they have been fighting for 126 years.

The property near Benneydale is one of the 16 North Island farms that were offered to the Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin.

But the High Court ordered the Government to reconsider the offer on Wednesday 15 February.

Edward Moana-Emery has direct genealogical links to the land and says his ancestors have been petitioning to have it returned since 1886.

He says he hopes his iwi does not have to keep waiting and that the Crown does not continue to ignore them.

Mr Moana-Emery says he hopes it is not going to take another 126 years to get their land returned.

He says there are no dates for when they will end their occupation and as soon as they move onto the property they are there to stay until they can get some contact with the Government.


As a result about25 local Maori have occupied one of the Crafar farms in King Country.

The group occupying the farm was linked to Ngati Rereahu and was calling for the return of ancestral land, Radio New Zealand reports.

The Overseas Investment Office, backed by two government ministers, approved the sale of the Crafar farms to Shanghai Pengxin.

But the OIO was then told to reconsider its decision after Justice Forrest Miller said in a High Court appeal launched by the Fay group that the ministers “materially overstated” the economic benefit of the transaction to the New Zealand economy, and applied the wrong test.

Kia kaha whanau, ka whawhai tonu matou, ake, ake.

2 thoughts on “King Country iwi occupy Crafar farms

  1. Yes, selling off the land to wealthy foreigners has been happening already for jonks. I know I used to be a foreigner. I am part of your whanau and willing to fight for the whanau`s rights.
    Just don`t ever forget to whom the land has been sold, ask them how they made their wealth and continuously ask them if they willing to share.
    Yes, I said share because that is the ultimate goal, with equal rights no matter of race. It is all about community,sharing with all of the whanau.
    Watch out for this syndicate being led by Michael Fay, you can`t trust that man ever.
    All around the world prime land is being bought for the sole purpose of creating their own gated secure little compounds, with their own security and the like. Acquired with money stolen out of our collective pockets through bonusses,fancy wrapped up debtriddled ‘gems’ and more. Why do you think we are in a so-called recession, this is actually the Great Global Correction and we, the people have to start steering the course of this Correction for us to get the right worthwhile change. Embrace this change…. get united…keep watching those wealthy buggers ….do it now….as soon all the rules will be changed in their favour…definitely….okay fellow slaves,serfs…get united…blessings….

  2. Kia kaha whanau. As I see it – the only ones who will own land are going to be us, Maori(Our heritage). Cause the government is just going to sell it-economic benefit to the NZ economy. Humbug.
    Not the Chinese fault. Look at all the Yanks who have already bought off land.
    Taki tu whanau. Kia tau te rangimarie

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