Apr 13, 2021


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Master Carver, Riki Manuel speaks to Radio NZ (+audio)

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Christchurch-based artist Riki Manuel is a master carver, moko artist, printmaker and volunteer art teacher.

He established the Te toi Mana Maori Art Gallery in 1984 with the help of Chris Doig, the then-director of the Arts Centre. He is now working out of a mobile studio on his property after the Arts Centre was shuttered in the wake of the February quake. (31?42?)

Click below to have a listen:

(Te Karaka) Christchurch master carver, printmaker and moko artist, Riki Manuel (Ngati Porou), got his first tattoo when he was twelve. He did it himself a small koru-curl that still decorates one of his ankles.

Riki has come a long way since then. Not only is he sought-after for his traditionally-based moko designs, hes also worked on the carvings for several marae, including, most recently, his work as master carver for Ngai Tahus Rapaki Marae, overlooking Lyttelton Harbour.

Now, after losing his house to the Christchurch earthquakes and carving/moko studio within the now-closed Arts Centre complex, Riki is re-establishing himself in his new home-based studio at Medway Moko.

5 thoughts on “Master Carver, Riki Manuel speaks to Radio NZ (+audio)

  1. kia ora ricky I would like to catch up as I have come down from rotorua for holidays an I already have tamoko by u an would like to add more pls contact me 0223660238 kia ora

  2. kia ora

    i was wondering how i would go about getting a moko carved into my bass guitar. if you are able to help me or point me in the right direction for someone who could that would be awesome. i use my bass all over NZ and overseas and have always wanted to have something different and show off NZ to the rest of the world. my bass is made of a dark grain wood. also being a bass guitar it wouldnt have to be very large or deep
    hope you can help me out.

  3. looking at getting a tattoo as a friend of mine got one from you and just want to know how to go about it.

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