Apr 12, 2021


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Mataatua Regionals 2012 winners announced #kapahaka #ninjas

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Photo Credit: Mika Ngamoki

Winners Te Whanau a Apanui (PHOTO CREDIT – Mika Ngamoki)

The Mataatua Regionals were held in beautiful Omaio, here are the results that we’ve received. The roopu that are going to Te Matatini in Te Arawa in 2013 are as follows.

1. Te Whanau a Apanui
2. Opotiki mai Tawhiti
3. Ruatahuna Kakahu Mauku
4. Tauira mai Tawhiti
5. Te Karu



81 thoughts on “Mataatua Regionals 2012 winners announced #kapahaka #ninjas

  1. Hi there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which weblog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a great platform.

  2. kati te tangi, its just making tauranga moana look pathetic,the judges made their minds up……. obviously their rules or results didnt tally up your falas way, but wel uno, no need to cry ,you just goda man up and take the fact that tutara as a grroup lost and thats that, so taurnaga whanau irekon get your act 2gether practise hard and wait another 2years then wil c the outcome of the next reginals.

  3. Tena kotou katoa. I am the founder of Tutara Kauika ki Rangataua, one of its composers, a former kaihaka and a tutor of the group. I would firstly like to thank those of you who have been so supportive of our team, tena kotou, it means a lot. We too thought we brought the right stuff on the day. Our roopu were obviously deeply affected by the outcome, that said though I want to be clear that I and the leadership of Tutara Kauika ki Rangataua do not in any way or fashion condone the public defamation of people like Turuhira and Te Karu or any other kapa or individual. Turuhira more than most has contributed to kapa haka in our rohe for many years, at all levels, tamariki, pakeke, kura, whanau and for this I have nothing but the utmost respect. Through her leadership Te Karu became a touchstone for kapa haka throughout Aotearoa. Tuhoe is better for her efforts, no reira aku mihi ki a koe Turuhira.

    Our roopu has not given up the dream of participating at Te Matatini in the future, and with the support of those who count we pray this will become a reality. We do so for Tauranga Moana – ‘Ngati Ranginui, Ngai Te Rangi, Ngati Pukenga’.

    We humbly ask that the public speculation on this take discontinue. While it may sound like something from a post-match rugby speech, kapa haka WAS the winner on the day. More than 500 performers. Heaps of whanau and mean Apanui manaakitanga. Kei hea mai!

    I runga i te hau o mihi

    Te Awanuiarangi Black

    1. Hello once again.

      I do not wish to further fuel ill will to anybody on this thread, however I wish to make a point of clarification with regard to my post dated the 9th March.

      1. Any inference by me, that Tutara Kauika kapa haka were the originators of defaming comments against an individual were not intended, if that is how some people read my post.

      2. My post was aimed only at the individual blogger ‘Get It Right’, and nobody else.

      Hope there is no confusion, and if there was that it is now clarified.

      E tautoko ana i nga korero a Awanui Black i runga/raro ake nei.

      naku iti nei

    1. Who is concerned individual? Don’t ask the identity of a person if you not gona put your name on here…BEI!

  4. Don’t agree with Matene,that’s how a real tutor rolls, stand up for your roopu. You remind me of my kuia never let anybody walk over her or her whanau, tuff as nuts she was.

    He ure tenei no Te Teko but currently living in Tamakimakaurau yes i sat in the crowd all day from start to finish, have to say Tutara was one of my favourite’s thoroughly enjoyed there performance and them wicked notes, big mihi to the vocal trainer of that roopu. I am a singer and train others to sing , i teach choir sometimes teach at The Royal Christchurch Musical Society and the Christchurch Harmonic Society.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Te Whanau Apanui and Tauira mai Tawhiti, to all my whanau that stood that day…Ka rawe!!!

    1. u say u live in Tamaki Makaurau but u train singers sometime in Chch its hard for me to believe LOL…your right Tutara were awesum in regards to their singing, but i must say there was no wairua…there was patches of brilliance but yeah

    2. Sorry where im from tutors dont put their ugly thoughts on a website for everyone to see how sour they are about loosing!!!..we didnt make matatini either and its not the end of the world.

      Their vocals were OK i heard good and bad patches.

      And i think you were meant to say “he uri” not “he ure” lol

  5. Aue. What a bloody mess. I’d like to know whose causing all this trouble to be honest, cos the more I read about the sourness the harder it is to walk down my street with my head high for my roopu. Haka aint the be all and end all, believe it or not- there is always next time my whanau! And what you should be focused on is the fact that 5 of our roopu made it at the end of the day. They’ll need your support.

    And dont confuse kaihakas stupid immature comments to come from all of Tauranga. WE are being gracious in defeat- yep sure it’s not easy when you bring it and the outcome aint what you think it is. you’d be sour too if you didn’t make it, but the thoughts of one aren’t the thoughts of many and those ARE NOT THE THOUGHT OF TAURANGA MOANA!

    Katitara-somethingaratha: Tutara like Tuhoe? Not eah, we do what we do- we dont care what they do!

    Chur choice day- over it now.

  6. Kia ora to everybody…Wow ive heard lots about all this korero on this page but had to see it for myself. I am a kaihaka from Tutara Kauika i just wanted to say i had an awesome time down in Omaio, it was choice as lol Thank you to all the kaiwhakahaere and everybody that put in all the hard yards and the marae we stayed at “Maraenui” was beatiful, had the yummiest kai(crayfish)aaw couldn’t get enough of it lol wel basically all i want to say is Too much to all the roopu that stood on stage. Everybody was choice as from what i hear and i only got to watch 4 groups but i made sure i sat right up the front. Te Karu u guys were the “bomb” and all the other roopu’s that made top 5 Tumeke alright…yea dats all from me for now untill next regionals, cannnnot wait 🙂

    One Love

    1. It’s so good to read something positive on this blog. Ka pai Tauranga Moana, way to go! Let’s hope the rest follow suit

  7. Ki aau ano nei, i liked Tu-Tawake if thats how you spell it, sorry if its not but still, they were MEAN !!!! their poi, aaah that was mean too coz of the ukalele. Tau Ke te katoa o nga roopu, its over, another month has past, lets go for the future.

    1. Kia Ora whanau, man some sourness all up in here.
      I am from Tauranga, ka taea e au te whakapapa ki nga iwi e toru. My own whakaaro was it was a Massive Day. The people who made it through to Matatini are there for a reason, because they were the best. I also think my Tauranga whanau need to be humble in defeat, hating on people (judges) and Te Karu achieves nothing and makes our Tauranga people look like a bunch of bitchy bitches. Accept what has happened and be on point for the next regionals. Kaati te paruparu kei waenganui ia tatou, e kore nga hua e puta. I love Tutara, be on point so next time there can be no reason why we wont be in Matatini 2015.

      Kia tau te rangimarie kei waenganui i a tatou katoa!! Paimarire.

  8. All of you who are hating on other roopu “GET A LIFE”!!! Life isnt all about haka, it doesnt pay the bills, its not compulsary to anyones life, it doesnt put food on the tables for the tamariki, it doesnt solves crimes that happen everyday and it sure doesnt feed the starving people in the world.

    So get a life, celebrate the fact that people even still stand to do haka for the love of it and not for the politics.


    WAKE UP!!!!

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha MEAN KARU MEAN!!!!!

    1. Te pai hoki o tenei site. haha. CMU nga korero whakatakariri a weetahi.

      Heoi, haakoa te kawa a weetahi, kua takoto te maanuka.
      kua kite taatou katoa i te ngaa toa e kawe ana te MANA o Mataatua ki runga o Te Arawa.
      – Jst leave it there whaanau! thats enough.

      Ko Turuhira tona ingoa whaanau, ki a purangiaho.

      Mataatua tangata rau,kia pai ai te whakawhitiwhiti koorero.

      Matua Tangata

  10. Kia ora

    Just want to say “everyone was awesome”. Haka is about sharing and coming together as one. Each Iwi, Hapu should be supporting and encouring for our younger generations. Tautoko to all the positive comments. It doesn’t matter what place you come, all that matters is you represent our people, our culture, our Maoritanga and enjoy yourselves.

    Mataatua Ka mau te wehi!!!

    & its not Turahira its TURUHIRA. kia ora.

  12. Kia ora Whanau, i am from Whanau Apanui, Te Arawa & Ngati Porou.
    I feel for the ones from Tutara who really dont know the full story on how they never placed in that 5th place, but naming people espcialy from TUHOE isnt showing anything on how strong you Tauranga ones are just to stay out of it, Te Karu were the bomb, so were Tutara Kauika i really think their should have been another team so that there could be six teams from mataatua to go in but o’well there wasnt and Te Karu got that 5th place. And another one bringing their babies into this adult thing isnt good either so we should all leave it up to the pros as who ever that Tangaroa Hard person said…. & that women Turahira her name is Turuhira not Turahira.
    & heres another, see what kapa haka can do to Iwis, if we all just shush about the end results none of this would have all happened meaning lets stop complaining about the end results……

  13. Big ups to ma whanau from Tuhoe….Although I never made it to the comps, I heard a LOT of feedback from those who attended that uz were the bomb, and Tutarakauika never came anywhere near uz. So personally don’t know what the big fuss is all about. Tutara and supporters, you need to take heed with the comments made by Ninja…”Be gracious in defeat, live and learn”, nevermind getting all personal. As for “Get it right”, you need to do exactly what your alias means….whakatinanahia to ingoa bro, stop looking like a idiot and go….(quote) sort your s!#* out. You may be able to hide behind your screen, but is it really doing anything for you…..or anybody else for that matter. I’m a harti coasty and proud of it, I also have links to Tuhoe and staunch ass, if I may say so myself. All you haters just admit it, Tauranga is out, and Tuhoe is in. Deal with it.

  14. Tauranga Moana – be gracious in defeat, live and learn, come back stronger, better, and unbeatable! Cos that’s how we roll! Don’t hate on anyone… not the other roopu, not the judges, not the crowd. Just keep doing it and your talents will be recognised!

    Ohhhh and TangataWhenua.com – you know how I LOVE seeing the word “Ninja” in your articles, lol, doitz!

  15. Matatini Rule 6.6
    Once a public announcement is made on the results of the Competition, whether for the heats (regionals) or the finals (nationals), the results shall be FINAL!!!

    Ka aroha ki a koutou Tutara Kau Ika……Ka Pai Te Karu!!!!

    1. Ae e tika ana koe, h?oi mehemea t? m?hio ki ng? k?rero tika, pono kua puta i te wiki kua taha ake nei, t?n?, urupounamuhia t? taraketi.

    2. Aue, i thought 6.6 refers to the preliminaries (heats). Maybe 6.4 is official…. kaore au i mohio. Leaving it to the pro’s. Kia kaha Tutara Kauika and Te Karu.

    3. Neva mind Matitini Rules this is Mataatua regionals and theas a contestable process for groups wanting to contest the final placings.Theas been biast problems with tuhoe for years -Rangitaiki Festival 2010 Mataatua secondary school regionals 2011 Ruatoki school just manage to edge out Temanuka Tutahi and they clearly wernt the crowd pick the better group baffled as to how it happened and then Karu just manage to edge out Tutara Kauika? Comon Turahira games up! Strategically arranging judges in vital spots knowing the points system run on the average mark.

      1. Frustrations are remarks like this only cause raru. No need to name although interesting korero. Agree Te Karu were mean but kauika were better. Can’t call me biast im not from Tauranga but I understand maori and Tutara kauika were the shiz.My whanau from Tutawake will be back next regionals hungry for a Matatini spot watch this space they gona kick arse

        1. kick your own arse, your comment with the inclusion of Tutawake kapahaka is not appreciated by us the kapahaka of Te Whanau a Tutawake. Please leave us out of your own remarks on here or anywhere. That is your own opinion.

      2. Get it right….You do realise you are making Tauranga Moana look more and more desperate and jealous whether you are from there or not. If you want to make this a personal issue by naming people, then talk to the person yourself, rather than been a trouble maker. Man up!

      3. I’d be very careful about naming people, especially when you’re information is nothing but gossip. Let’s not get all personal with Tuhoe, Ruatoki and Turahira, i mean, if the issue is with Tutarakauika going overtime, then, I don’t recall seen Turahira’s name on the judges papers. Obviously you were involved with one of the events you’ve mentioned in your comment, but bringing up all this info and plastering it on here tells me that you have personal issues you need to sort out in your own time, not on here. You are ruining the purpose of this blog for everyone else. So man up, and sort your s*#! out elsewhere.

        1. Putting Iwi and names of people on this site isnt what you really want to do is it. One Iwi you do not want to mess around with is TUHOE !!!!! one Iwi you dont want to speak or write about nasty things is TUHOE, it would bee good enough if you speak straight to the person ehr self then putting it one here. If not, WATCH OTU 🙂

          1. Wow for a Tutor to come on this page and discuss this is (in my view) so sour!!!!

            Kua mutu nga whakataetae waiho ma nga tangata teitei hei whakatika, whakahe ranei…ki oku whakaaro kaua e whiuwhiu korero ki nga kai whakahaere roopu, ki nga tamariki o ruatoki otira ki nga tangata i tu i runga i te atamira.

            If i was a tutor i would never discuss issues as serious as this on a site like this for everyone to see.

            In my opinion, its unprofessional and so disrespectful to the other roopu who are being humble and very quiet about the whole thing until its all settled.

            On a positive note: Congrats to the top 5 who made Matatini and to Whanau A Apanui nga mihi nui kia koutou, was a lovely day down the coast and my whanau and I enjoyed everything.

      4. I am here for you “Get it right” with the GREEN ICON. I will pray for you night and day for god to bless your soul and wash away all the darkness you have within your soul. Everyday you should feel more and more cleansed, you will no longer wish to spread your negativity and shame on to anybody else. You have no need to fear, I will let the light shine on you.

        1. hahaha…crack up trippie. “Get it right” sooo needs it. GREEN ICON….i get it now. Amen to that one!

      5. I have known Turuhira for many years through kapa haka. I am a tutor myself and I am very wary about the feelings her roopu will have if they read this korero about their tutor. You do realise this situation (not your comment) may actually be going further as in legal wise. So if you have a brain you will quit with naming people and delete your post. You have no right to talk about others on here, especially if you don’t know the person. You will ruin Tauranga moana’s reputation.

        1. I forgot to add. Turuhira will never set out to jeopardise her reputation or anybody elses, so get it right, and get real.

      6. I remember hearing this korero before, and I remember who told me. Oooppsssyyy…..let’s not start naming now. How immature of you to include their (Ruatoki) babies in to your comment. It goes to show how irresponsible and hollow(your brain) you are. If it were my kids you were talking about, mate, you’d have a battle on your hands. I know for a fact whose head will roll for this situation, and I tell you now, it sure ain’t Turuhira’s, she was just doing her job. So if you’re from ********, then, kia kaha to yous.

      7. Obviously you are hurting due to the results and outcome of not only the Mataatua Regionals but also every other haka comp that Ruatoki are involved with. Man up to the LADY and all the Ruatoki kapa haka team’s and voice it to them ALL. Who knows you may be heard, but then again WHO KNOW’S?
        and WHOAA, i was one of the many told on the STREET to check this site out! BY KIDS AT THAT! Ka aroha!

      8. “Get it right”….do u care to elaborate on wat u mean by…”strategically arranging judges in vital spots…..”, if there’s such a thing as this, and if this could actually affect end results, then I take it u are speaking from experience. People like you are the reason why we have judges and lawyers….2 words: Trouble maker!


        N? hea? aua! ko wai koe? he maunga k?rero, he wai kawe karere t?hou? Ka noho huna tonu koe i muri i t? ingoa GET IT RIGHT!!

        Huraina mai t? ?hua kia kitea mai i te aroaro o te waka o Mataatua. Kia tukia t? rae e te ihu o te waka, kia p?kia t? tinana e aku hoe.

        Kei t?unutia e koe taku wh?ea ka kore an? koe e m?hio. Kai a te kuri.
        Kei taot? ? kuputia a Mataatua ka kore an? koe e m?rama. Pokotiwha.

        Kia tunua to manawa ki te ahi, ki te umu ki rahaki. Hei kai m? T?hoe, m? te uri o Toroa!

        1. Tamati u are talking alot of nonsense, u dont make sense LOL…by the way congrats on the win…now “get it right” pai kene koe…”Green icon” time will tell…hav a lovely year.

  16. kaa au te wehi, ka mau te wana hriikoa ahau ki te kiite i te roopu kapa haka araa ko Te Whanau A Apanui, 🙂 kaa pai neat allriqht n to those hu has perform loovely 🙂 ahkk ka kite

    #Te Whanau A Apanui yeahh

  17. E Apanui Nihowera, Maraenui te tawharautanga o tenei kapa, Mataatua whanui tena koutou. As a Head Tutor of Tutara Kauika ki Rangataua I am humbled by the comments (not all lol) but the majority. The comments made about style of performance, well that’s your opinion kei a koe mo tena.

    Whilst I cannot officially say what the current situation is at this time, I would encourage those who really ARE interested to consult their Mataatua Executive Members to understand the extent of the issue, one that has since being found to have merit.

    And like the comment made by ‘Tangaroa Hard’ the pro’s have been left to sort it out. I te mutunga iho, kia tawharautia a Mataatua kia u ki te tika me te pono. Formal announcements will be made in time, but for now me waiho te mahi ki a ratou e pikau ana i te take nei.

    Nga manaakitanga x

  18. Tutara didn’t go overtime…I timed it from start to finish. As usual, there is a rogue judge thrown in the mix!

      1. OMG, let’s not make any nasty comments about the judges. If you were against the panel you should have spoke out at the Mataatua Kapa meetings.

    1. Are you sure your time was right. If so, then the 2 time keepers who timed everyone else must have their times wrong as well. Let’s not be passenger drivers now. Ha!

  19. Ae, that is the best that Tutara has performed. All of Tauranga Moana knew that too. And ae, they did go overtime, however there is more than the motu know. In the next few days, I hope humility, respect and aroha over power anger and frustration. Te Karu, even though I did not see yous, I heard from Kaihaka, that yous were the bomb…. Ka pai Timo and Niwa = hunaonga o Ngai Tamarawaho. Te Karu have always been one of my favourites, love the mita and Penny’s singing hehehe.
    Mataatua regionals are the hardest to conquer because they have the best groups…. There is always the usual four and they deservedly should be the top four. The venue was awesome and most importantly all the kapa haka roopu that performed on that day, well what can I say, ka mau te wehi, ka mau te wehi…

    1. Ka pai ke raa ou korero, i love it and all what is said is right, im from the coast, i watched and love how Tutara Kauika and the other teams performed, i honestly loved watching Te Whanau a Tutawake, they were mean 🙂 At the end of the day, the results a carried and added up then announced on the stage. All teams were mean, Mataatua has in my eyes the warmest feeling event to go and watch and tautoko to all the teams who stood.

      Aroha nui,

  20. Well done to all the teams that performed that day, yous are all winners in your own right! unfortunately some of you who have commented did not like the outcome. Im sure the judges done their job fairly and professionally. Its also sad yous feel ripped off 🙁

  21. It was a bit sad that Tutarakauika didnt place.. I think Tutarakauika may have to come up with something original instead of doing haka and eke like theyre from Tuhoe which they seem to always do.. Te Whanau a Apanui were good as well as Opo, and Ruatahuna n Ruatoki.. Tauira are another one who are just mirror images of Apanui and need a dose of originality too, so yeah.. And why is Ngai Tai in the Mataatua festival, they shud be at the Tainui Festival, theyr the odd ones out at that comps…

    1. Tutarakauika ki Rangataua haka & eke in Omaio on Saturday was Ngai Te Rangi, Tauranga Moana. I watched all kapa except 5 in the morning & for me Tutarakauika ki Rangataua stepped out and gave the lunch time crowd something they hadn’t seen from Tutara before (unlike some other roopu, standard issue). Perhaps if they had performed later in the evening & closer to the other place getters this would have been more obvious to all. Omaio is beautiful, Mataatua Hakas 2012 awesome, kia ora ra Apanui!

    2. Ngaitai is there because of there whakapapa. ka moe a Apanuiringamutu ki Te Whaaki raua ko Te Kohepare e rua nga wahine no Ngaitai. Ka puta mai ko te kuti ko te Wera ko Apanui e.

    3. Aroha mai to be straight forward to your comments, however, I fail to see in what way Tutara had performed their eke and haka as if they were from Tuhoe. If you were to listen to their words, the way they expressed themselves, I think, were fitting because they were expressing a sort of hatred towards the Rena which had obviously messed their Moana up. I don’t think, at any point, it was a way to act like they are from Tuhoe. Just a whakaaro..

  22. Tauranga Moana shouldnt bother entering any more teams-RIPPED OFF!Tutarakauika that 5th spot was yours. Te Karu (my whanau) were awesome but we honestly felt Tauranga were better. In the crowd we had top picks (Maori TV were asking us)majority guessed Ruatahuna,Opotiki Mai Tawhiti and Tutarakauika those groups were the clear favs. Whanau Apanui still sweet sounding as always.
    Nek minut Karu?
    Well organised event tho. Mauriora

    1. People! Obvious Tutara Kauika should’ve placed somewhere, engari they went OVER TIME and therefore penalised in every item. SO, they werent ripped off they were penalised.

    2. Tautoko ana i o korero, however, why hate on Te Karu, they never did anything wrong. Obviously u are a Harty Tauranga moana supporter, and good on you for backing ur roopu up, but where do you get off hating on another kapa. If you want to hate on anybody, hate on da organisers. Your making ur iwi look like sore loosers.

      1. Arohamai. Intention was not to hate on another kapa. All the roopu were mean and I didnt get up on the stage so who do I think I am was just our opinions. Was unaware tutara kauika ran over time just thort they would’ve at least placed in something. In fact some of us thort they were gona win.
        Kia ora.

  23. That Tauranga Kauika team was ripped off – they had the best vocals of the comp and prety much didnt place in anything, where they should have – im stumped as to how they didnt even place? Best action song, best choral, best exit and fabulous poi. Kia kaha to that team – you were robbed.

    1. Tautoko i nga korero mo Tutara Kauika! I kaha ta ratou tu! The best they ever been. Nga mihi ki nga kapa katoa i tu! It was a definite shock that they didnt place. Had mean kaupapa to their bracket with all the take of the ship and oil over those ways. Ka aroha, next time. One day you fullas wont be 6th or 7th ne.

    2. I so agree with you Ngati Harti even though I’m happy my Tuhoe whanau got into the Matatini it doesn’t add up. I really thought at least Te Aranga or Tutara Kauika or even both would have made it to the top 5. My pick would of been as followed:

      1. Opotiki Mai Tawhiti
      2. Ruataahuna
      3. Te Aranga
      4. Tutarakauika
      5. Ruatoki / Tauira Mai Tawhiti

      I think the judges or the committee should really think about what they are judging on is the status of the roopu, mita o te reo, who their tutors are, originality…..etc, etc….would be really good to know what things were really based on.

    3. Been ripped off is one thing, but going overtime (as i’ve read above) and been penalised is another. It’s just unfortunate that all Kapa Haka Comps have rules that ALL must follow. Ka aroha to Tutara and Te Karu who have unfortunately become the talk of the week. This is unfair to both roopu, however, those of us who think we know how they are feeling knowing that some are gossiping about them, is unknown to me…..So all i can say is, kia kaha Tauranga moana me Tuhoe. The rest of us need to butt out and let the pros handle the situation.

  24. Wotta a meke day! Mataatua sure know how to do it.
    Hakas were awesome.
    Hard luck Ruatahuna, I thought you were sure to win it.
    Mean Mataatua Mean

  25. Mean Whanau Apanui Mean
    Big ups to Mataatua for puting on an awesome day at Omaio
    Mauri Ora

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