Ngati Pikiao Mum of two seeks to become first Maori woman to climb 7 of the worlds’ highest peaks


(Mike Munro) Annie Doyle is an incredible Mum with her head in the clouds. Leaving her husband and children at home, she is attempting to become only the second mother to climb the highest peaks on Earth’s seven continents and the first Maori woman to do so.

Mike Munro follows Annie as she prepares to take on her most dangerous mission – surviving the death zone on Mount Everest. But first he must take her back to New Zealand to meet the SAS soldier who owes his life to this remarkable woman.

Annie has summited 5 of the world’s 7 highest peaks on each continent, including Kosciusko in Australia, Elbrus in Russia, Aconcagua in Argentina, Mt McKinley in Alaska and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Aue!! Her next step is to climb Antarctica’s highest peak, Mt Vinson, followed by the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest in May.

When she’s not climbing mountains she works at Sunnyfield a not-for-profit organisation that supports people with intellectual disability to find independence and opportunities.

By donating on their behalf, you’ll also be supporting an organisation in need. Annie is the Chief Financial Officer of Sunnyfield, a not-for-profit disability services organisation that needs your help. There are many ways you can be a part of this incredible adventure by donating in one of the following ways:

Sponsor a ‘cent-a-metre’. It’s more than 8,800 metres from the bottom to the peak of Mt Everest. A sponsorship of one cent for every metre climbed is a total of $88. You can sponsor Annie and Amanda on their climb down the mountain too – to a total of $176.

Make a donation. You can contribute as much as you like – every bit helps! When you donate, you can also leave a message of support for Annie and Amanda before they go!

Climb your own Everest. You can complete your own personal Mt Everest-sized challenge. Ask your friends and family to celebrate your achievement by donating to Sunnyfield.

Correction:aroha mai whanau the original title was is incorrect (i.e. first Maori woman to climb Everest) – Annie Doyle is attempting to become only the second mother to climb the highest peaks on Earth’s seven continents and the first Maori woman to do so (i.e. all 7) – we’ve been told that a Maori women, Shirley Edmonds (nee Morunga) was the first wahine to climb Everest, chur!! This was in the mid-70s, if any of you know more, please let us know, ka rawe!


  1. How much high altitude mountaineering experience does this lady have? Every 8000
    meter peak has a large body count–and many of those were experienced climbers.
    Mountaineering, even on moderate sized mountains, is an inherently dangerous
    activity, but climbing eight thousanders is possibly the most dangerous activity in
    the world. Even on (relatively) easy routes, the objective dangers–avalanches,
    foul weather, altitude related conditions such as cerebral or pulmonary edema are
    horrific. And climbing without bottled oxygen at those altitudes strikes me as sheer


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