Apr 22, 2021


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PM’s office confirms hangi will NOT be banned

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TangataWhenua.com has just received clarification from the Office of the Prime Minister saying “There is no plan to ban hangi.”


Facebook and Twitter went crazy last night with people taking issue with the thought of hangi being banned by Prime Minister John Key, so what’s this all about? We’re trying to piece this all together but think a few things have happened.

  1. John Key left the Waitangi Day celebrations without sharing kai hakari with the hosts (a big no-n0 as the symbolism behind it affirms relationships and helps build trust).
  2. The impending Food Bill which has dark overtones suggests that being able to grow and sell kai will become overly bureaucratic, filled with rules and regulations that serve no real purpose and harm whanau seeking to grow their own kai via community gardens which some commentators have suggested will mean hangi could be banned (especially in terms of selling hangi for fundraising events).
  3. Someone has spread word that as a result of 1 (Key not appreciating hangi) and 2 (the food bill) that hangi could be banned.

But no on the face of it hangi being banned is not on the Key-lead National government’s 100-day policy goals BUT the upcoming Food Bill will result in significant changes in how we grow, share and sell kai at a community and marae level.

With that said, we’ve heard that if a school holds over 100 sausage sizzles in a year, the Food Bill rules will come into effect, so where does that leave our beloved and hangi reka, hmmm too soon to tell.

TangataWhenua.com has contacted the office of the PM and is still awaiting a reply.

We’ll watch this one, so keep in touch and get informed.

10 thoughts on “PM’s office confirms hangi will NOT be banned

  1. Doesnt this article say he is NOT going to ban hangi??? why are people getting upset if its NOT going to happen? Maybe he is vegan or vegetarian???? If not he should of offered up a damn good excuse for not partaking of the hangi!!! NO MANNERS

  2. What next!!! John Keys and his groonies trying to ban Hangi. People be careful he might want to change the Treaty next you never know!!!
    All I can say is bring on the next election and kick his arse to the curb.

    1. Thats why we have to vote whanau, the clown only got in cause our whanau didnt vote next election stand up & vote make it count & kick his arse OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lol Keys should never have bothered attending the celebration if he didn’t intend on seeing the celebration through to the end! It’s offensive to our culture to leave without sharing the kai hakari especially on Waitangi Day?? Nice self sabotage! We will never loose your roots! Our fathers father and the fathers before them harvested crops to feed our whanau for generations and so it will be for many generations to come, no one will take that right away from anyone. In my area there are more Chinese and Indian pple growing and selling food, us maori grow kai to feed our families, often giving to other whanau (no matter what race) as a koha as well as to contribute to hui’s or bereavements etc. I hope National dont get in on the next elections or there will be nothing left of NZ. Bring back LABOUR!!!

  4. “PMs office confirms hangi will NOT be banned.” Was the question that got that response serious? If so John Key is laughing at you! ‘We’re gonna take away their right to grow and share food,’ he thinks, ‘and they’re worried we might stop them from doing a hangi with the GE mauri-devoid crap they’re left with… IF they can afford it!! They deserve to starve. BWAHAHAHA!!!’ Of course you might in fact be incredibly switched on and just using the hangi hook to spread awareness about the Great Food Theft ahead me time. If so, good on you, it worked! Tho it does make you look a bit uninformed…

  5. Omg! I can’t believe John key is trying to ban hangi! Soon he will b telling every1 how Many times they can wipe thr Asz! Maori ppl of nz are beautiful people! Hangi is part of our ancestral history, NZ is Maori! Wen I voted I voted 4 a new government LABOUR! because even thou you may spend soo much money on upgrading the appearance of NZ you as a government have forgotten about the struggles everyday New Zealanders have to endure! Ask yourself why people go out an commit so much crime? It’s because they don’t have alot of choices out there now because of the mistakes they made while they were younger! I heard a lil rumor tht governments looking into closing down kohangas! What’s up with that? Our beautiful Maori children have the right to learn te reo Maori, the history an the struggles of our Maori ancestors, and the beautiful life they led! Who are you to take any of this away from us? John key is marked as a racist? I don’t even no how to comment to tht! I live in Australia now but I’m still and always will b Maori and a citizen of nz! Every election year I will make sua I’m home to vote LABOUR everytime until NATIONAL is out. BRING BAK HELEN CLARKE!!!! Now tht lady truly cared for the people of New Zealand and it ddnt matter what race u were or food u ate! Maori of NZ dnt give up, we are strong apart even stronger as 1!

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