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Representatives of 62 marae were in attendance at todays meeting. The results:

The Chairperson of Te Kauhanganui:

  • Tania Martin

New executive committee:

  • Hemi Rau
  • Marae Tukere
  • Tom Roa
  • Tipa Mahuta
  • Kingi Porima
  • Sonny Wilson
  • Rahui Papa
  • Paki Rawiri
  • Rukumoana Schaafhousen

There was a deadlock for the last executive place. Te Kauhanganui couldnt decide between Tuku or Huhana Marshall. Despite Tukus multi-million dollar ripoff, he still got votes even though he missed every position until the very last.

Who will the Maori king choose as his representative? Will Miller remain? There was a rumor going round that if Tuku didnt make the cut, Tuku would try and convince the king to give him his seat on the executive.

TW.com | we congratulate Tania Martin – she is an incredible wahine toa and Tainui will be well served by the skills and expertise she brings, ka mau te wehi! We also note a few other wonderful representatives and wish them all the best!

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  1. Great Stuff! Nice to see Paki Rawiri in the team. He’s a winner! Come on the rest of Robert Mahuta s Rangatahi team along with Nanaia Mahuta, “Come and do your stuff”

  2. Will see if this new Team can give their Mana Mahi to our pouaru pohara and whanau pohara onga iwi e noho ana ite Waikato Tainui Rohe..So many young whanau are without mahi and whare..and our Huntly Power station is at risk of being sold offshore ( I attended the Hui last wednesday where Bill English and Co set up)..thats a real worry..So i say again i await what this new team will do for Waikato Tainui..Kia Ora..


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