Apr 13, 2021


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Urewera 4 | Court Report – Day 4

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October 15th Solidarity Group via IndyMedia.org.nz -The day began in chambers and after a lengthy pause, when the public was allowed in, it became known that one of the defendants, Urs, is sick. He has a medical certificate and did not have to appear in court today.

It was agreed however that one crown witness, former cop Kevin Wallace, could give evidence today. It was short and sweet. He said that he had been a police officer involved in Operation 8 and that he had followed a car from Auckland to White Pine Bush, near Whakatane. That in the car had been Rangi plus two others (who are not facing any charges).

Defence had no questions and therefore court was adjourned for the day until 10am tomorrow. As tomorrow is Friday, it’s a short day court will finish every Friday at 1pm.

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