Apr 13, 2021


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Waka denied entry into Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant

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A traditional waka has been disallowed from taking part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee river pageant for fear it may capsize or lose control in strong currents, news outlets are reporting in London.

The waka, made by carving out a native tree, was to be used to represent New Zealand in the June 3 pageant, which will see more than 1000 craft traverse the River Thames, watched by a global crowd estimated to be in the millions.

With regard to the Maori vessel, the limitations of the tidal river environment, the higher risk of capsize or foundering and, therefore, the scale of the safety resources that would be needed to rescue the considerable crew of this vessel in the event of an emergency, meant that she was not selected,” a pageant spokeswoman told British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Chris Reynolds, a member of the Ngati Ranana (London Maori Roopu) who was part of a crew that paddled the waka on the Thames in 2011, said:

It is a real shame that it hasn’t been accepted and I’m really not sure why it has been turned down.

“The Thames can be choppy but it was fine last year. Dragon boats take their design from the waka and they will be allowed in the pageant, so it doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Pageant organisers hope each Commonwealth nation will be represented in the pageant, with Australia due to contribute surf lifesaving boats.

Despite the exclusion of the waka, New Zealand will still be represented in the pageant by a whaler boat and clinker vessel, along with a flag-carrying craft, said organisers.

TW.com | It best be a tinorangatiratanga flag then!!

Photo Credit : Chris Reynolds

2 thoughts on “Waka denied entry into Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant

  1. hahaha Sorri Mutua my moko’z pushed the button om my compter lol i was till writin an moko deleted some of my panui lol algudie, he aha once again kia kaha it’s never to late to put your panui forwardi no we as a hapu or Iwi are alowed to quire on wat happin an if u ned me to awhi u in anyways at all be happi to tautoko your course ki ora Ko Tepora Ahomiro toku Ingoa Ko Rangiuru te Maunga Ko Kaituna te Awa Ko Tuhourangi Ngati Moko Te Marae Ko Tapuika me Waitaha te hapu Ko TE ARAWA te Waka arohamai on your journey across waters to find your answers kia ora arohatino nui xoxoxox

  2. arohamai whanau… why is it alrite for others to row there boats an vessels an not our Maori peoples, wat a whole lot of rubbish… Soo angry at tht one. You pakeha espect.. us to give u’zz the Royal Treatment wen u’zz come to our Country,an get served our kai on beaned kness.. an you Pakeha only get tht best wen we awhi u’zz, Bull-shit i say.. If u asked us to jump we always had to say how HIGH…AROHAMAI NO!!!! more u’zz well not treat our peoples like this anymore… if we were really bad people your Captain Crooks Ship wouldn’t bet 10 inches.. of our shores, u’zz would have to swimming home without your Ship lol Soo who are u’zz to define, us of our rites, as our Tangata Whenua GO!!! hard Matua u are allowed to voice your apinion.. hope u find it in your heart to follow this thru.. are i say this again.. in honesty. they lied to us about the signin the Maori Treaty.. an they expect us to follow them, in wats rite an wats wrong… have another Shit.. pakeha u’zz might rule the Common Wealth an the Queen of England… but we have our rules too, Soo make us come there an protest against yous cos in natural fact we had evry rite as a follower an servant of TE ATUA an one is as strong as our Father Above….Soo kia kaha Matua keps goin if our Tupuna an Acess.. can row in th e worst, an stormy Seas from Hawakii to Ao tearoa WAT!!!! was there real reason for desallowin

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