Apr 13, 2021


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Auckland skaters assaulted by skate comp official

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Today At Vic Park from NZskate.com on Vimeo.

(Fairfax) A youth skateboarding event sponsored by a rehab centre has been overshadowed by a violent incident captured on film.

During the event at Auckland’s newly-opened Victoria Park skatepark yesterday a man shoulder charged a young skateboarder to the ground and shoved a man in the neck when confronted about it.

The man can be heard saying there is a competition going on and warns bystanders that he will get security.

The man who was pushed in the throat, thought to be Leighton Dyer, argues with organisers saying “this competition should be over” as a result of the incident.

“You do not touch little kids, ever. You’re a bully,” he tells the other man.

“This is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful,” he adds when organisers appear to try and settle things down.

The Skinny & Serenity National Grom Skate Comp was aimed at under 16-year-olds and was sponsored by Serenity, the rehab centre run by Aja Rock’s former partner, convicted drug trafficker William Murdoch.

According to an online post written by Dyer, organisers also armed young skaters with spray cans to tag the park with the logos of the sponsors.

Mayor Len Brown is investigating the graffiti.

Very unimpressed by vandalism at Vic Park skate park & appalled by accusations of comp organisers handing out spray cans. Am investigating,” he wrote on Twitter.

An Auckland Council spokesman said they were “concerned by reports of what happened yesterday and are urgently investigating”.

Murdoch said the altercation with the youth was nothing to do with him or his security but involved a parent upset at the treatment of his child by a group of youths he claimed were led by Dyer.

He claimed Dyer had turned up to hijack the event.

The parent took offence to his kid being “shoved and hurt” while the other kids were also dropping in on the competition skaters, Murdoch said.

“Some of the parents took offence to the fact that this guy was doing that and then he gets his guys to skate into the kids while they’re in a competition. It was dangerous.”

Murdoch said the incident appeared “staged”.

“As far as the kid that got pushed that was uncool. What the kid was doing was equally uncool. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

He defended the fact the event was sponsored by a drug treatment centre, saying drugs were prevalent in the skate culture.

His eight-year-old son was a skater and he wanted to push the anti-drug message, he said.

“Do you think it’s odd to offer charity to anyone?”

Organisers requested a gold coin donation to help someone pay for their rehabilitation costs.

Art critic Hamish Keith was also unimpressed with the graffiti.

The graffiti is an appalling piece of commercially sponsored vandalism – hope the organisers will be held to account,” he tweeted to Brown.

Co-sponsor Skinny Mobile has distanced itself from the controversy saying they were “gutted” about the state of the park at the end of the event and had no idea it would happen.

According to a flier for the event, other sponsors included New World, Dick Smith and skateboarding labels such as Cheapskates and DC.

The Skinny & Serenity National Grom Skate [email protected] Vic Skate Park was billed as the country’s first “Pro Junior under 16 skate comp”, with $500 in cash for first prize and $5000 worth of other prizes.

It had classes for skaters as young as six.

On the page it said organisers would be collecting donations for a “scholarship to Serenity to help a person with an addiction who can’t afford private therapy…Serenity have donated the cost of treatment $15,000.00.”

It is not yet known whether any charges have been laid.

– Fairfax NZ News

9 thoughts on “Auckland skaters assaulted by skate comp official

  1. skaties hurt themselves enough trying to complete the trick.they dont need assistance from Rehab wanna be’s.who dont know how to play properly

  2. The Kid had it coming. Its not ok to cause trouble at organised events and expect to get away with it. If Skatey teens were putting your son at risk im sure youde step in. Members of the public/ parents etc have the right to attend these events without fearing for their kids safety… So what about the ” pushed kids” rights? He had ample opportunity and was warned numerous times to not interfere with the event. By continuing to cause trouble he made his own well informed decision, and just like in life for every poor decision theres consequences..No consequences to the trouble makers sends an even stronger message—>its ok to cause trouble, because no one will do anything about it. If it was my kids safety being threatened by bigger kids lack of respect for society, I would do the exect same thing.

  3. Angry Shoulder Charge man should get the same plus more treatment back…karma…is he a role model for “Rehab” centres and youth of NZ? Pffft, then NZ you are stuffed!

  4. Anti drug fundraiser – maybe it should have been anti bully instead. NO ONE has the right to put their hands on another person.

  5. If rehab causes children to be treated like this the addicts are better of stoned and stupid than straight and scary. Hope the Bald headed prick gets locked up

  6. Assault. Lay charges. The kids parent are entitled to lay charges. I would. Kids need to know that adults do not have the right to push them around.

  7. What a dick…. pushing children… Charge the dick. If a parent touches their own child. We get arrested. If the bully doesn’t get charged, there is something wrong with NZ rights and standards….

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