Apr 15, 2021


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New laws to impact Marae LPG use

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(EPA) From the 2nd of March 2012, if you have more than 100kg of LPG on site you need to have a Location Test Certificate. Without this certificate, LPG supplies will not be able to refill or replace LPG cylinders. This is because of a change to the law on the storage and supply of LPG, and applies to all users with more than 100kg of LPG, including marae.

The purpose of these Location Test Certificates is to help ensure the safety of property and life. LPG is an explosive and flammable substance, which if not stored, used and maintained safely can have devasting consequences.

The Environmental Protection Authority is aware that some marae around the country have obtained Location Test Certificates within the last 12 months, but are concerned that there are many more out there who remain at risk of having their LPG supply cut off. Over the last 12 months LPG suppliers and the EPA have sent notices to the contact addresses we have for marae in your rome, to remind them that he law is changing.

It has been very challenging contacting marae whose contact details may have changed or might have post box addresses that are not cleared regularly.

The image below details information on some of these changes (click to enlarge):

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