Apr 21, 2021


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Ngati Rangitihi overall winners of 2012 Te Arawa Games

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Ngati Rangitihi has retained their title as the reigning champions of the Te Arawa Games.

Official results released by event organisers Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa today show Ngati Rangitihi scooping up a total of 5797 points, 877 points ahead of second place getters Rangiwewehi (4920).

According to Project Coordinator Lisa Mansell the scores were placed into three sections before collating over all points for the weekend event; Registration Points, Ranking scores from each sporting code and activities and Bonus poitns section/Survey Points.

More than 1000 people took part in the three-day event held at Rotorua Lakes High School. The overall win can be credited to Ngati Rangitihi delegate and organiser Donna Semmens for her tiresome work and hard efforts in mustering the whanau, organising teams and making certain whanau could get to the games as well as to the masses of Ngati Rangitihi participants who travelled from as far as Wellington and Auckland to represent their iwi in over 13 sports including tennis, netball, touch, ki-o-rahi, basketball, table tennis and even euchre!

Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa will be holding a debrief meeting at their office in Rotorua on Tuesday 3rd April, from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

For further information contact Lisa Mansell on 07 348 3377 or email [email protected]


1 thought on “Ngati Rangitihi overall winners of 2012 Te Arawa Games

  1. We as Ngati Rangitihi are truly humbled. I as their delegate, can only be credited where credit is due, and that is to the full commitment our people bestow to the entire kaupapa of the Te Arawa Pride Games. Participation is encouraged not just in the sports themselves but to at all times, put our tamariki first, show good sportsmanship and always fill our teams with tuturu Ngati Rangitihi. Our whanau social teams are formed with top priority, no-one is turned away. Opens are next, with 50 % overall of all our participants meeting each other for the first time. Most of our teams on the day, if having placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, is truly a bonus, as most have never played that sport or its been a real long time!! I as their delegate am truly lucky of my hapu’s full co-operation in anything I ask of them, which is often without notice. Also of the tautoko I receive from whanau members who gather registrations of interest within their whanau whanui. The win is merely a bonus at the end of such an awesome kaupapa and its positive ooze of what we as a whole need the most. To raise our heads and be…PROUD TO BE…MAORI….Thankyou so much to Te Papa Takaro O Te Arawa for all their mahi, especially for making it possible to attain what Ngati Rangitihi has. Whanaungatanga within our own Iwi and Te Arawa. Nga Mihi. Donna.

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