Skate park assault ends in arrest


(Stuff) The man at the centre of a high-profile clash at an Auckland skate park on Sunday has been arrested and charged over the incident.

Auckland artist Craig Platt has been charged with common assault.

The 48-year-old was arrested today and released on police bail to appear in the Auckland District Court on Monday.

A video taken during the Skinny & Serenity National Groom Skate Comp at Victoria Park allegedly showed Platt shoulder charging a teenage skateboarder to the ground and later shoving Leighton Dyer.

The video went viral, and police met with the teenage skateboarder yesterday.

Platt said today he was still deciding how he would plead to the charge having just met with his lawyer.

“It’s all new, I’ve just come back from there,” he said.

His lawyer will speak with police to consider Platt’s options, but Platt said he was keen to resolve the matter quickly.

“I want the thing to be sorted out and gone. If what I did was assault, then I have to take that, you know.”

He said there was a lot more to the incident, but wouldn’t elaborate as the matter was now before the courts.

“I’ve given police my full statement and it’s on video so I’m not trying to hide. I’ve got people to back me up, witnesses, there’s all sorts of stuff.”

Platt said the police had been “fantastic”.

“They’ve got a process they need to follow.

“I just want to get this resolved so he [the teenager] can move on, I can move on, everybody can get an end result as quickly as possible and everybody can carry on.”

The under-16 skateboarding competition was sponsored by Serenity, the rehab centre run by convicted drug trafficker William Murdoch, the former partner of Auckland socialite Aja Rock.

Murdoch has come under fire for graffiti plastered on the new skate park during the event.

He has said he will pay the repair bill.

– Fairfax NZ News


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