Apr 11, 2021


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Web blackout might hit NZ shores (+link)

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(By TOM PULLAR-STRECKER, STUFF)Thousands of New Zealanders with malware-infected computers may find they are unable to access the internet from July 9, based on a warning issued in Australia.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said 10,000 Australian internet users were among 4 million worldwide infected by malware that directed their web-browsing through servers that had been compromised by hackers.

The “” plot, which was reported to have netted Estonian fraudsters US$14 million, was cracked and the servers were taken over by the United States FBI in November. Since then, it has been keeping the servers running so as not to inconvenience computer users, but it will shut them down on July 9.

Security company Sophos warned that even if people removed the malware, they could face issues accessing the internet if they had not also changed the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings on their computer.

  • The ACMA has set up a website atdns-ok.gov.authat instantly shows whether computers are at risk. The site can be accessed by New Zealanders.

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