Apr 13, 2021


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Glenn Innes housing protest arrests

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(Stuff) A woman needed hospital treatment after a confrontation between protesters and police in Glen Innes last night where activists including John Minto were arrested.

Witnesses claimed police used excessive force at the protest, but policy deny that, saying they acted professionally in a “tricky, emotional situation”.

Occupy Auckland, Mana and local housing activists were among those attempting to stop state houses being removed from two properties at Glen Innes.

Police confirmed a protestor suffered a seizure and emergency services attended to treat her.

The Auckland District Health Boardconfirmeda protestorwent to Auckland Hospital and spent the night under observation, but will not be admitted.

Joe Carolan, of the Mana Movement, said the protests had been orderly, with protesters accepting that the police were there to do their job, andindividual officers had offered their sympathies.

However, heclaimed that changed last night when “aggressive” officers stormed the protest lines after 10.30pm, arresting five protesters in the “blockade”, including leader John Minto.

Carolan, who had been at the site but was away when the protest was broken up,claimed Minto was dragged from a human train and others were knocked down during the confrontation.

Glen Innes Senior Sergeant Graeme Porter says one person was arrested at the Torrington Cres protest andfive were arrested at Silverton Ave. All were charged with obstruction.

”The police acted in a fair and professional manner,” he says. ”It was a tricky, emotional situation but police treated the protesters in a professional manner.”

Porter says the house on Silverton Ave was eventually removed and the truck was finally allowed on the the Torrington Ave property.

”They have a right to protest but Housing New Zealand also has a right to do it’s lawful business.”

– Fairfax NZ News

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