Apr 12, 2021


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Is there a media blackout? (Microwave Blog) #hikoi #anfs

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Yesterday I was on Facebook when a status from Annette Sykes caught my eye. It read: Is there a media blackout on Hikoi? Not much online or am I looking in wrong place?

Fair question because at that stage there hadnt been a lot of stories about the hikoi and media coverage had mostly been limited to a few radio reports and websites which pick up and reproduce press releases.

And it seems it wasnt only Annette who was wondering about the lack of coverage, her Facebook status received a massive response. Below is a selection of a few of the comments.

Marion Peka: blackout … just like here in GI the media have been told not report anything about the houses and protesters …

Fenella Hodgkinson: So what’s new???

Ngaire Winitana: where there is a need, there is an opportunity waiting to be born. Thinking caps on. How can we distribute our news to the people.

Jo Lincoln: aye exactly…who owns the media then.

Kristi Henare: Just proves that the Govt controls the media.

Once the hikoi hit Auckland, with numbers reported to be up to 8000, the media was there in force and by Sunday morning stories about it had appeared on television, the countrys major news websites and across the radio stations.

But Annettes Facebook status highlighted an area that deeply concerns me.

People may not always understand the media but we should always be able to trust that it stands as an independent voice in our communities separate from political forces, ruling classes and other decision-makers. This is a key foundation to being fair and balanced, standards which all media outlets should strive for.

With this said, as a former reporter I can confidently say that the government does not have control over the news decisions of the country’s media. In fact if the government did try to tell any media outlet what they could and could not cover, the editor would tell them to get stuffed.

However what I do know is that there are some decision-makers in our newsrooms who do not understand Maori issues to the point that they believe the majority of New Zealand does not care about these things.

I always thought that journalism attracted those who were liberal, open-minded socialists wanting to save the world and right the injustices but it seems that the old boys club is alive and well in the management of New Zealands media. Many of the editors and managers of our news outlets are middle-class white males who have a certain view of life.

They see people like Hone Harawira, Annette Sykes, John Minto as extreme activists who do not appeal to the middle New Zealand, hikois as some over-used tool of a small few and believe that news consumers (because of what internet statistics show) are more interested in the quirky rather than the serious.

But I reckon they are wrong, what do you think?

Karla Akuhata at 12:58 PM

1 thought on “Is there a media blackout? (Microwave Blog) #hikoi #anfs

  1. Mainstream media is really after the 3 minute version of the final event – that’s it. We need some media savvy people inside the Hikoi to throw it out to the rest of the world.

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