Apr 21, 2021


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Maori Party endorses the call for Maori sports teams at international level

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Maori Party MP for Waiariki, Te Ururoa Flavell, is endorsing the call by the NZ M?ori Hockey and NZ Maori Netball associations for Maori sports teams to be recognised in their own right to participate at an international level.

“Our policy has focused on the value of assisting M?ori sports achievers at a national level and in supporting Maori sporting codes to be self-sustaining.

“M?ori are represented highly in national hockey, netball, touch, rugby and rugby league and the statistics tell me that it is about time Maori participated at an international level,” said Mr Flavell.

This has been a consistent call from Maori across the sporting calling codes, in particular from netball, hockey, rugby, and rugby league for the last ten years.

June Mariu, a key figure in Maori netball, mentioned the fact that world championships were an opportunity for nations to demonstrate their skills against other nations. Well, the Maori nation is keen to take up the challenge so I encourage all national and international sporting bodies to throw their weight behind efforts to secure places for Maori teams in the national sporting arena.

We have some excellent Maori sports players, who deserve to represent their sport code, as a Maori New Zealander.

Recognising more Maori sports teams is about ensuring that we can further develop our pool of talented young Maori, and promoting excellence in the endeavours that we undertake. It is also about recognising that as Maori, we have a special place in New Zealand, and a great contribution to make to sport.

National sporting organisations need to get on board with this call to ensure we are investing in our rangatahi, nurturing their talent, and paving the way for them to represent us on the world stage.


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