Apr 22, 2021


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Media Advisory – Hikoi, Aoteaora is NOT for sale

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A high profile hikoi Aotearoa is Not For Sale begins next Tuesday 24 April at 5.30am at Cape Reinga. This will feed into a large protest up Queen St Auckland on Saturday 28 April. Demonstrations will take place town by town for two weeks as the hikoi moves towards Wellington. Upon reaching the capital, a week of protest activities will highlight each of the key issues day by day from 7-11 May.

Check out the itinerary attached to see the first two week schedule of towns and protests planned.

Media interviews will be directed to key people in each region, town or city to express, expose and explore their issues which will add to the picture in a national and international context. There is no one spokesperson for the hikoi and although some political parties have now got in behind it, the hikoi is not run by any political parties nor are they spokespeople for it.

The hikoi is the vehicle for many voices across the country to be heard. We invite you to make the most of this opportunity.


The media co-ordination will occur through this email address and this phone number: 022 140 1961. As such we request that the medias main point of contact is Dean Baigent-Mercer on the number above. Feel free to make contact if you have questions.


The hikoi will express public opposition to privatisation and the selling off of our countrys assets, natural resources, land & public services.

Most New Zealanders dont want our public assets, resources and farm land sold to private investors. It is not in our interests to put our future in the hands of a few large foreign companies whose primary goal and self-interest in profit undermines what is good for the country we live in and love.

The National Coalition Government has been engineering huge changes to our country for four years. They have aggressively expanded deep sea oil, mining and fracking plans – another form public resource plunder in the assets sale regime alongside moves to privatise state services, healthcare, prisons and education.

Current Government negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) invites powerful corporate control of our country and is driven by concessions to the American economy. Signing this agreement would see foreign corporations bypassing New Zealand laws and suing our country if we create laws that would inhibit them pursuing profits. The TPPA would lock us into a very unfavourable position well into the future and burden coming generations. We would have given away control, resources, sovereignty.

If we dont act now, looking back in 15 years time, our country could have overseas corporations buying and bullying political favours and outcomes. They may have left a tragic legacy in clean green New Zealand of oil spills, poisoned land and water from fracking and toxic mine waste. We would have benefitted from a short term economic bubble and be left with a mess and less control over our destiny.

This is the message the hikoi will take to Wellington, this this is not the brighter future many of us dream of

4 thoughts on “Media Advisory – Hikoi, Aoteaora is NOT for sale

  1. I will be marching in the Hokai.
    As a 62 year old pakeha woman I have seen this country slide backwards over the years since my childhood.
    The kia moana has been declining simply because people who come here to live do not understand our way of protecting our resources they catch under sized kai moana thereby destorying the avalaility of kaimoana further down the chain for all tangata who are coming after them.
    The same applies to our whenua,our awa and maunga the people of this land know and understand our own contry what is needed for our tangata.
    The land should be owned and managed by Tangata whenua who understand tikanga tangata.
    Once the whenua has gone it will be lost to future generation.

    Me haere tatua ki te tautoko,He kotahi te korero, kaua e hemo ka pakeke te haere.
    Kia kaha kia kaha tonu

    kia ora

  2. This governing body has no constitution and while there is no constitution they are a government without power so are able to create as much debt with no restraints…so people join the hikoi and make your feelings known this is the time to stand united for the future of our mokopuna…..tonight they have announced the sale of the Crafar farms will go ahead…so someone needs to appeal that decision to delay proceedings so this hikoi can show what the people want..to me Mr Key and his national government have just committed political suicide….as Tikanga decrees..what is the most important thing in the world….”he tangata…he tangata..he Tangata…the people …the people… the people

  3. I have not lived in Aotearoa for many years now but I was born there and my heart will always remain with the country and the people.
    If you own a bit of property and sell it to an overseas investment body (for example)you will never be able to get that property back and the new owner/s can do whatever they like with it (does that include our by-laws ect?,who knows).
    Aotearoa does not belong to 1 person, it belongs to the people. No 1 person or Governing body should have the right to sell off something that does not belong to him/her but belong to the people.

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