Apr 13, 2021


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Fury grows as Tuhoe leader calls for calm (+video)

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The ‘Urewera Four’ were sentenced today. Tame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara have been sentenced to two and half years imprisonment.

Urs Signer and Emily Bailey are likely to receive home detention. Tuhoe leader Tamati Kruger is calling for his people to be calm. He says he’s shocked and angry at the punishment given to Iti and Kemara.

Meanwhile, Police say they will not apologise for the Urewera investigation, but they have apologised for the impact on the Ruatoki community.

12 thoughts on “Fury grows as Tuhoe leader calls for calm (+video)

  1. Harsh,predictable outcome by a justice system that has never moved from its colonial treatment of Maori/Tuhoe.

  2. If Tame Iti and his sad group had, further down their sad track, taken it upon themselves to put their videoed small arms and assualt training into effect, throwing in the odd molotuv cocktail or two, resulting in the deaths of innocent Maori and Pakeha then ALL who cry foul now, would have been demanding that government and police heads roll. Tame was caught out, either he holds himself the freedom fighter he makes out, open to violent resistance (taped recordings of them willing to kill for the cause) if all else fails or he hides behind the facade of sympathetic, he could do wrong, one-eyed supporters. He could not even man up to what he proposed, violent resistance if negotiations failed! Now he tangi as do his supporters please get real folks. If this had been a group of pakeha neo nazis caught out in the Canterbury bush with illegal military style weapons and molotuv cocktails and their discussions of violence against authorities had been caught on tape, we would be clapping our hands in support of the police and justice system. Some of us only seem to see reality through our brown haze of past injustice against Maori. Not this Maori I see an idiot willing to use violence and kill to justify a cause and willing to take out human life based on his sad ego. Unfortunately the sentence makes Tame a martyr in some eyes but he already was in those very same sad eyes. Tino pai te mahi o nga kaitiaki o nga tangata katoa.

  3. This is a very sad day for our Maori people especially our whanau in Tuhoe I am gutted by the fact that our whanaunga have been imprisoned for
    having firearms in there possession OMG that is so “pathetic” what about everyone else that have firearms in this country are they going to be imprisoned too ” I guess not” the justice system has certainly failed Maori for years we have been marginalised stomped on and disrespected
    hoha rawa te rongo atu ki nga korero rukahu o Tauiwi e whakaparahako ana i to tatau mana i to tatau whanau, hapu iwi,No reira tatau ma kia kaha tatau katoa ki te tu maia tu rangatira hoki mo to tatau
    TINO RANGATIRATANGA!kia kaha Tame me te Te Rangikaiwhiria ma te atua e manaaki e tiakina korua i nga wa katoa!

  4. To me this is sad . Tama Iti his family and friends come in to Friends Cafe in Taupo where I was working at the time they took Tama Iti’s order and money when their order was ready I was asked to wait which I did it was an honor to wait on Tama Iti his family and friends then to be told by Tama Iti that this wasn’t what ‘I’ ordered ( so peacefully ) I was so embarrassed I went out the back took a deep breath I was furious 1. Tama Iti 2. wrong order 3. me being maori . I have never forgotten that day .
    This never happens on OUR marae’s I hope it will never happen again . kia ora …

  5. Another victim of white dominated politics and society. How much longer must we suffer for the racist attitudes of european civilization. How much more must we bow to the genocidal practices of the european justice. Although I am in Hawaii, I feel the pain of Maoridom and Tangata Whenua. And although my hands are tied I will forever follow their leadership when it comes for the liberation of Na Kanaka Maoli O Ka Pae Aina O Hawaii Nei. May the spirits of my Kupuna watch over them in the years to com

    1. Best you stay in Hawaii papa as we don’t need your blind fundamentalism and ignorance of the truth attitude here in Aotearoa.

    2. Kia ora Papa Soli, thanks for your valued input from across the Pacific and pay no heed to the disrespect of others who show NO respect to their own mana and has no control over their own tongue. We support Hawaii and your own Independance. Kia kaha!

  6. The Police terroriise Tuhoe whanau who they accuse of terrorism without substantial evidence. Now the terrorisers (police and government) want to charge the terrorised (Tame and whanau) with petty charges. We cant trust the law (they are the terrorists), cant trust lady justice cos shes colour blind, her two edge sword is one sided and her scales are out of balance.

    Pehea tatou?

  7. This sentence is outrageous! Everyone knows that the Police will continually deny wrongdoing. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. They won’t apologize for the investigation, but they will apologise for the impact it had on the community? Just apologize you morons! Once again, through your ignorances, you slow the “healing” process down yet again. The strategies and the sheer dishonesty on the part of our Police Force is UNBELIEVABLE. I am sick of hearing the Police diatribe on National TV about what they believe is right! When is it right, to wear masks, carry guns, board a bus with Kohanga babies on it, and expect the families to roll over and say “Oh, its OK?”. How can this justice system put people in jail, when they are only doing what is “natural” to them? Are the Police saying, “They infiltrated a possible terroist plan?”. What plan? Where plan? Police investigators of this incident are total fools…. Foolish acts, actioned by foolish Police… That is all! Let Tame and Te Rangikaiwhiria go. Keystone cops is all I have to say! Absolute fools!

  8. How on earth can we keep calm? This has just shocked the Maori nation of Aotearoa….it’s time we stood up to this racism; that’s blatantly what it is – absolute and utter racism – I dread to think what is in the future for our mokopuna….

  9. The feelings within the Tuhoe Nation about the outcome for two of the Urewera-4 and the Police Commissioners’ response to the raids on Tuhoe I suspect will be beyond boiling point and rising. It will be hard for Tuhoe to remain calm. Another injustice to Tuhoe finds its way carved into their history. Ka aroha ki a Tuhoe me tona whakatipuranga

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