Apr 12, 2021


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#Hikoi Takes Message to Peter Dunne: Aotearoa is Not For Sale #anfs

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Plimmerton, Wednesday 8 May 2012: Tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am, local Wellingtonians will join the hikoi that started last week at Cape Reinga to rally outside Peter Dunnes Johnsonville electorate office. With the Governments integrity looking increasingly shaky, now is the time Peter Dunne can prevent a domino effect of state asset sales and oppose the Mixed Ownership Model now in select committee.

The vast majority of the population would have his support, and he would be remembered for it.

Before sunrise protestors hung a banner in chilly southerly conditions in support of the hikoi that opposed asset sales from scaffolding around the National War Memorial in Wellington (1).

It drew a very odd response from Chris Finlayson, Minister of Culture and Heritage who claimed the memorial was defiled for political reasons (2).

Those on the hikoi Aotearoa is Not For Sale see the Governments rush to sell off the countrys assets, and resources as defiling our country for political reasons. The impact would be a lot longer lasting than hanging a banner.

Today the hikoi was warmly greeted in Levin, Otaki and Plimmerton. While in Levin 50 protesters stopped outside the office of National MP Nathan Guy and concerns were publicly aired about the Governments agenda.

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