Apr 18, 2021


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Mana Movement President weighs in on Urewera 4 sentencing

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Mana Party President, lawyer and activist Annette Sykes has weighed in on the shock sentencing of Tame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara who both received 2 1/2 year sentences for firearms charges relating to Crown’s pitiful terrorism case against Iti and Kemara saying;

“Today is a sad day for justice in Aotearoa.There is no way that Tame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara should have been jailed for two and a half years.

The decision today is a case of history repeating itself. In 1916 Tuhoe Prophet Rua Kenana was found not guilty for treason by a jury.

Despite the verdict, the judge concerned found him guilty of resisting arrest and sentenced him to one year hard labour, followed by 18 months imprisonment. The jury were so incensed over the harshness of the sentence, they submitted a petition and had the sentence reduced.

Tame and Te Rangikaiwhiria, much like their tipuna Rua Kenana, have been wrongfully imprisoned and their sentence will be subject to a number of appeals.

The real criminals in this case are still walking around as free individuals the police who entered the community of Ruatoki without permission.

MANA will do everything in its power to achieve justice for the people of Ruatoki.


20 thoughts on “Mana Movement President weighs in on Urewera 4 sentencing

  1. hey does this mean if i learn jujutsu ,or small bore rifle comps,that im a terrorist,theres no difference in what Tame was doing to what im doing

  2. Te Taniwhanui Whats with the “IF”_How many casualties would it take to remove the scales from your eyes. An old add-age “Innocent tell proven guilty” yet many innocent people fall victim to being shot without trial,
    Police have shot and killed many people this way and legislation has undergone action to allow such antics to continue. When I see our people judged not because of the colour of their skin we can return to a form of normality.

  3. The global implementation of the Terrorism Act throughout the nations of the world, uttered forth after the successful false flag operation of 9/11 over the World Trade Centre. Why tama iti was only fulfilling his role out of ignorance.
    Watch the international bankers folks, implemented a foreign currency holding us in debt bondage since the Rangatira’s fell asleep after the signing of the Wakaputanga 1835.

    1. E.V What is it that you fear by hiding behind initials, your better off calling yourself C.I.A , F.B.I or R.A.T.
      My Rangatira did not go to sleep they laid the foundations that elevated the D.O.I 1835 and T.O.W 1840 and the T.W.M.L Act 1993.
      Unified Commercial Code or U.C.C (International Rules Of Engagement)goes back as far as the Magna Carter,when the People Maori were merchants abroad on the high seas. An iron clad commercial agreement was forged through time, while your family slept.
      The deception here is are you female or male, maori or non maori.
      If you have nothing to fear and proud of your ethnic status One should be a lot more forthcoming. Go hard or go home.

  4. “If this had been a group of pakeha neo nazis caught out in the Canterbury bush with illegal military style weapons and molotuv cocktails and their discussions of violence against authorities had been caught on tape, we would be clapping our hands in support of the police and justice system”

    Yeah, Kiwi blog says that too.

    So what.

    If the moon was a tab of strawberry alarm clock and there was a big enough ladder we could all get high.

    Why not look at what actually happened instead of artificial what if.

    A bunch of folks were playing war games in the bush. Quite a common pastime in this country.

    Somehow a section of spying police took recorded rhetoric at face value and let the gorillas out of the cage.

    Seemingly elements of the ruling class can make political mistakes. Which only cost them a few dollars but along the way can terrorize a community and trash the lives of innocent people.

    Another signal that capitalism has past its useby date

  5. The judge sentenced them on the charges that they were found not guilty on, he didn’t sentence on the firearms charges. Did anyone hear the summing up of the judge, he was wrong!!! NOT GUILTY…

  6. Hey mr whoever you are come out come out were ever you are
    you must be a racist redneck or a kupapa house nigger who defends the actions of the colonial thief who then turns around and finds themselves not guilty of rape murder and pillage through all the indigenous peoples lands and then criticizes and locks us up for even contemplating speaking the truth the truth is you are no one!!!! and Tame is!!! the only ego here is yours shame on you for supporting the racist rapist police force and there masters that pray on Maori and Pakeha people that stand up for their rights the attack was on Tuhoe and activist groups around the country so they could buddy up to george bush and hes goons they still today use the propaganda of the media to commit atrocities on the free and liberated minds all around the world by labeling us terrorist the only terrorist here are those that maintain the lies of the corrupt system that we live in Tuhoe are not terrorist!!! Tame is not a Terrorist !!! Rangi is not a Terrorist Wake up Mutha Farka

    1. Grow up Anaru, your spout hatred, you call any Maori who dares to challenge your view a house nigger (nice one). You don’t answer my challenge if Tame’s band of brothers had taken up arms and killed what then Anaru but wait of course you would justify that with your fundamentalist views on the only way ahead for Maori. Sorry whanaunga I don’t buy into your broken world view. Take a quiet hikoi in te ngahere and get a new life focussed on some positive mauri.

      1. Te Taniwhanui If? You assume Tame and friends have committed a crime. Their are many person’s such as yourself just spreading muck based on assumptions without foundation you preach “SELF Condemnation” no one is interested in,just wind based on your fear of the unknown. Let me enlighten you in the error in your ways. ASSUME an acronym first three letters spell ASS this is what happens when you assume/guess/predict. The letter U txt street jargon is short for you, last but not least the letters ME, basically you make an ass out of you and me when you ASSUME. Prove me wrong my challenge for you! I would help you, if your life depended on it and no we are not whanaunga.

  7. E Te Taniwhanui – kaatahi te tangata poheehee! He rukuha katoa too koorero i runga i te kuuare me te rangirua. Kua hee oou raa. Huakina oou whatu e hika, maa te whakamaa hai patu i a koe

    1. Now Hoera is that anyway to treat a cousin! Move on e hoa move on in rangimarie. He aha te patu o tenei tane he patu aroha he patu manaaki he patu tuturu he patu te kotahitanganui tonu

  8. When will “people” get over the “Maori/Pakeha” mentality? When will we differentiate between “Social prejudice/Racial prejudice”? When will people with “big egos” have the brains NOT TO “video” themselves doing “illegal activities” – and then cry “Foul” when it is bought into Court? Whether it’s Maori (with Ta Moko), Skin-heads (with swastikas) or Rebel Motorcyclists with loud bikes ….. The law is the law! You dont like the law? Enter Parliament and CHANGE IT! If “we” change it ANY OTHER WAY, we have “ANARCHY”! Then “who wins”?!

    He waewae taimaha, he kiri maku.
    A heavy foot, a wet skin.
    (A clumsy fighter risks getting his skin wet with his own blood.!)

    1. Deception is the first sign of War. Sun Tzu
      Te Taniwhanui and Willy McGregor whom are you trying to convince perhaps yourselves by your blatant attempt to bully and deceive individuals whom have an opinion. I have seen Govt.Legislation off the press before the ink was dry designed to oppress the People Maori nothing has changed a form of EUGENICS. Taniwhanui you would know this since you claim to be a Govt.Security Guard/Military such as myself.
      My whakapa I’m proud of because my forefathers died and lived defending their homes and lands not sitting hiding it was kanohi ki te kanohi.

      1. No deception Kohai just voicing an opinion, nothing more nothing less. I am disenchanted with the energy I put into past endevours and now seek solace in more peaceful ways as nothing good came from it in reality only misery for most. Never in my opinion have I said anyting that supported the governments actions in regard to the ongoing subjugation (deliberate and in ignorance) of Maori equality. I hold not political machine to be my partner but I must free myself first in my own mind from their oppression and domination.

  9. It was by all intentions by the crown to intimidate the will of the people by making Tame and Kemara as examples. Others will follow the lead of these warriors and the crown has only seen the begining. People who believe in justice will not allow their efforts to go unnoticed. Tame Iti and Kemara I will join the multitudes in singing praises of your aroha for your people. Ku’e Mau Loa

  10. The whole story is yet to be told. And eventually when it is we will all have cause to revise our opinions. In the meantime – pihau.

  11. If Tame Iti and his sad group had, further down their sad track, taken it upon themselves to put their videoed small arms and assualt training into effect, throwing in the odd molotuv cocktail or two, resulting in the deaths of innocent Maori and Pakeha then ALL who cry foul now, would have been demanding that government and police heads roll. Tame was caught out, either he holds himself the freedom fighter he makes out, open to violent resistance if all else fails or he hides behind the facade of sympathetic, he could do wrong, one-eyed supporters. He could not even man up to what he proposed, violent resistance if negotiations failed! Now he tangi as do his supporters please get real folks. If this had been a group of pakeha neo nazis caught out in the Canterbury bush with illegal military style weapons and molotuv cocktails and their discussions of violence against authorities had been caught on tape, we would be clapping our hands in support of the police and justice system. Some of us only seem to see reality through our brown haze of past injustice against Maori. Not this Maori I see an idiot willing to use violence to justify a cause and willing to take out human life based on his sad ego. Unfortunately the sentence makes Tame a martyr in some eyes but he already was. Tino pai te mahi o nga kaitiaki o nga tangata katoa.

    1. Te Taniwhanui you speak of your own views perhaps you can do a better job getting the whole world to focus on the matter of Indigenous Peoples Rights-unfortunately I agree with the earlier comment that you are no more than kupapa. Only thing you said that is true is that the media has escalated Iti and Kemara to matyrdom would you not agree.

      1. Mark, a Maori voices his/her opinion that does not align with yours around the likes of a Tame Iti and their labelled kupapa. You folk use it too loosely and freely without knowing its origins tuturu. You and others align yourself with the capitalists and the ruling class in acting according to plans and stereotypes, so much easier to justify oppression for the whole. Free yourselves and don’t allay yurselves to their grand strategy, free your mind first from oppression.

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