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NZ Stock Exchange the target of protest today

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Thursday 10 May 2012: Dancing zombies will surround the New Zealand stock exchange at lunchtime today to protest against the neo-liberal economic system and the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that is being negotiated in secret.

John the Reaper, the smiling assassin, will be present to repeat lies we are familiar with.

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement that has been negotiated in secret over the past 4 years that will, if implemented, seriously undermine our sovereignty and the ability of NZ to be self determining.

The zombies represent the people going along with Government moves to sell state assets, and the death of our sovereignty and independence.

Protesters want a sustainable future where we make our own decisions in our own country about our resources and assets.

As it currently stands, the TPPA would take precedence over New Zealand domestic law and allows foreign investors to sue the New Zealand Government in a secret international tribunal if they think any actions will compromise their profit making and share values.

The protest will be held at:

  • NZX Stock Exchange Building, 11 Cable Street (Mac’s Brewery Building) next to Circa Theatre, Wellington Waterfront

For more information, ring Ariana on 027 447 0431

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