Apr 18, 2021


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Tama Tu American Style

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Kia ora whanau – now we all know that the Maori whakatauki ‘Tama Tu Tama Ora, Tama Noho Tama Mate‘ is a powerful expression to live and thrive rather than to sit and die.

Well – thanks to Jullian Wilcox, we saw an American version of the whakatauki being used to inspire groups to action.

Take a look here:

If you’re looking for something a little different in a multicultural number, look no further! In this clever original, a Maori (New Zealand) proverb is presented both in chant and in song, with great rhythms and fun-to-sing echoes.


Remember, this is the same whakatauki that was used by Maori Direct Action Group Nga Tama Toa to stop Auckland University students from bastardising Haka during their capping ceremony.


3 thoughts on “Tama Tu American Style

  1. Hello just wondering if it is possible for the video to be uploaded again or is there a link to another website which has the video?

  2. well, where on earth did Julian Wilcox find that. I actually quite like it, the singing`s lovely, but I`m not sure about the whole actions thing. I`d like to know where she got that.
    But I think it`s really about the intention of the people concerned, and it`s evident there is no malice or racial intent with this woman and what she is trying to teach her students. As opposed to the Auckland university students back in the day bastardising the Maori haka in a public display of ignorance, bigotry and blatant white supremacy.

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