Apr 18, 2021


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The Naked Surfer rides waves for the environment #Maori +photos photos (Outdoor Minded Mag)

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32-year-old New Zealander Marama Kake, known locally as the naked surfer in Sunshine beach Queensland, Australia, hits the waves in the buff in promotion of sustainable surfing.

Im not out there to get everyone to look at me, I just love the sensation and simplicity of surfing in my sustainability suit

Youve got to appreciate the naked surfers commitment to simplicity, not only surfing in her god given curves, but riding green boards as well. Her quiver includes a timber alaia designed for her by master craftsman Tom Wegener and an another eco-friendly board from the DArcy factory on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Marama, is a former student of politics and psychology who has worked teaching English to children in Japan. Naked surfing is part of her effort to gain support for a new environmentally conscious network called Project 13.

Naked surfing is not only a good medium to spread environmental awareness, it just might be the best way to bring peace to crowded surf breaks, It changes the mood very quickly and cuts through the aggression that is finding its way to busy point breaks. Its a sure-fire cure for wave rage, marama joked.

Critics who disapprove of taking the ol birthday suit for a dip in the ocean will be happy to know that Marama does take precautions to out in the surf, I cover up, or paddle away, if I am anywhere near children and have never had any trouble with lifeguards or authorities and Ive been doing it for years in Australia and New Zealand.

Maramas message? get naked, get sustainable. I say, Why not?


8 thoughts on “The Naked Surfer rides waves for the environment #Maori +photos photos (Outdoor Minded Mag)

  1. Go girl. Nature in nature. It always amazes me how some parents shield their children from nudity, yet they can see violence and terror by turning on TV.

  2. So relaxing, you wouldn’t need to worry about your boardies slipping down. It always surprises me that parents shield their children from nudity, yet they can witness violence by turning on the TV.

  3. Good on you Marama! 🙂 totally agree with your comment that it certainly calms the aggression out there… Couldn’t imagine the boys getting too upset if you accidentally dropped in! Surfing itself is being at one with nature..let alone doing it in the nud! Wish we could all do it myself 🙂

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