Apr 12, 2021


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The G.C. divides the nation

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(Stuff) They loved it, they hated it. TV3’s new reality show the G.C. certainly has people worked up.

A Facebook group, asking The G.C. to be cancelled had already accumlated more than 3150 likes by mid-morning, while the official The G.C. fanpage had almost 9000 ‘likes’.

The Twittersphere is abuzz with comments about the show, which aired for the first time last night, staring a bunch of “bronzed, beautiful and ambitious young Maori”, also dubbed Mozzies (Maori Aussies), living it up on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The six trending topics on Twitter this morning were all related to the show with #thegc even reaching a spot in the worldwide trending charts last night.

The comments ranged from viewers showing their disgust at the way Kiwis are portrayed and the fact that the show had received $419,000 funding from New Zealand on Air, to people who just ‘luved it. LOL”.

Some described the characters as “plastic” and “fake”, but others added “sounds like a pretty accurate portrayal of the Gold Coast to me”.

The stars of the show themselves got in on the Twitter chat.

“Yea the haters dnt realise the more they moan about us the more fame The GC gets! Haha and they think wea dumb hmm lol,” wrote Rosanna Arkle, an accounts manager and part time model in her off-screen life.

Rugby league star and boxer Monty Betham tweeted to lead character Tame Noema, a scaffolder and property investor: “Everyone’s talking about it champ. #ExactlyWhatYouWant. #DoYourThing.”

More than half the the readers responding to a Stuff reader’s poll said the show was a disgrace, less than 5 per cent said it was great entertainment and 37 per cent said they didn’t watch it.

According to television website throng.co.nz The G.C. was watched by 370,660 viewers, making it the most popular show on TV3 last night. Overall the most watched programmes yesterday were One News (684,830), Shortland Street (599,070), Fair Go (593,900), Close Up (529,830) and TV One’s Animal Rescue, which was screened at the same time as The G.C. and attracted 512,370 viewers.

Love it or hate it but The G.C. is certainly the most talked about TV show at the moment.

Did you watch The G.C.? What did you think?

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6 thoughts on “The G.C. divides the nation

  1. plenty of beaches here,plenty of wahine here,jobs not so much,but look on the marae wherez the ringawera at thats right they are on the GC..LOL..got to love those coasties

  2. Well the GC, i ddnt like it. It was more pakeha culture than a maori one. The maori aspects of the show were the tattoos they had on their shoulder, those arent moko cz moko is carved into the flesh, and them doing ka mate once in a while, and their part maori heritage. I mean none of them were as brown as Tawera Nikau or Hosea Gear or Hikawea Elliot, i like those kinds of Maori boys with a capital M lol.. And where was the brown girls just like me, who are brown like Tawera and them… Bullshit, Kiss keha on their ass is all theyr doing on the GC… smh

  3. How fabulous! I loved that iwi radio claimed it as ‘our very own’ Jersey Shore- um… Guys… They’re in Oz?! Big ups to the crew for doing it before the rest of the world picked up on how cheesy life in the GC can be and cashing in on it! People are never great at seeing themselves on TV so my guess is- after the novelty or the fright factor wears off we can settle in for a healthy dose of bitchslaps and beer guzzling! Nice to see brown flesh onscreen ahakoa Te aha and tragic as it may be! I think I must be outside that demographic?!

  4. I would agree that this is really trying to encourage a Maori Consumerist Culture. Depicting the individual – rather than the group – is a common theme found in media produced in countries with a strong Consumer-based culture. Look at the content being produced by American hip-hop, the underlying message defines a relationship between how many things you have or are able to have, and your happiness/success in life.

    Throughout history the masses have always looked for ‘idols’ – people with whom they can compare their own lives. These ‘idols’ become the goal, people think ‘If I’m live like them then I’m doing alright’. Unfortunately, people rarely get to choose these ‘idols’, and therefore the ‘idols’ we see depict certain characteristics over others.

    Why don’t they create a show about Maori achieving in Academic or Technological environments? Maori working as a group to achieve a common goal? etc, etc

    Obviously I’m not a huge fan of this type of genre. I would much rather see content on Youtube made by people I know about topics I like. Atleast I have more control over what I’m being feed.

    I also think people should be proactive and create content themselves. Stories are one of the best methods of transferring knowledge. We should be encouraging others – especially the next generation – to produce content.


  5. I loved it! Gave me a chance to forget about how dire things are here in Aotearoa. There was a big, mixed reaction – a lot of people criticising them for their lack of Maoritanga, or pono ki nga kawa me nga tikanga Maori. Crack up! Reminds me of how our kaum?tua must have felt when M?ori moved to the cities in the 1950’s – wearing coloured dresses instead of black and white, eating P?keh? kai and drinking coffee (gasp), and women no-longer wearing petticoats BY CRIKEY LOL

    Many of these GC ones can speak Maori, our own kait?moko travel over there and make a killing off the p?tea they get from these ones. I love our ability to take ourselves anywhere in the World, and to do well!

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