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Hone Harawira and marriage equality (updated) – Maui Street Blog

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From the Maui Street Blog’s Morgan Godfrey

Hone Harawira is known for a lot of things, but not many people realise he is a social and moral conservative. He is against, for example, drug liberalisation and gay marriage and in an interview with Bryce Edwards Hone claimed to be against a society of choice. This, I think, reveals an authoritarian attitude not uncommon in Maori males of Hones generation.

Taking this into account it appears Hone shares more in common with his former colleagues meaning the Maori Party than he cares to admit. I read Maori as being a conservative people, if not always politically. This is true of Maori raised in the radical tradition too, the most prominent example being Hone Harawira.

Many Maori are raised to hold steadfast to our culture and our ancestors traditions. This is not a bad thing, in fact its a great thing on balance, but it encourages cultural rigidity and a fair amount of conservatism. For example, many Maori (almost exclusively men) outright refuse to develop our customs to accommodate shifting attitudes around the place of women in society think women speaking on the paepae. These situations reflect the social conservatism of many Maori.

Anywho, as I said Hone Harawira is opposed to gay marriage, or marriage equality as its positively framed. This position has been opposed universally within the Mana Party. Leading members have asked Hone to justify his position, but he is yet to face the membership with a justification. This is unacceptable from the party leader and he will be rightly savaged for it.

Hone takes the position that marriage is not a human right but a way of doing things. This, I think, is a fair assessment. However, its no reason to oppose the institution of marriage being available to same-sex couples. If its a way of doing things, why not ensure that that way of doing things is equal and does not discriminate. Such a position would be consistent with Mana Party values.

I dont think Hone will be able to maintain his position. Party pressure will be considerable. On the small chance Hone remains steadfast though, his former party provides a salient illustration of what happens when you ignore your members.

UPDATE: According to Maiki Sherman on Twitter Hone Harawira would not be drawn on the issue of gay marriage saying that the party is still developing a position. This conflicts with the view Hone expressed in this interview with Bryce Edwards. For a list of MPs and their positions on marriage equality see this.

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3 thoughts on “Hone Harawira and marriage equality (updated) – Maui Street Blog

  1. I agree with Morgan Godfrey, Mana values do align with the support of this bill and I’m shocked Hone is being such a hypocritical bigot. My kuia is also very traditional and conservative but even she see’s that people who choose to live their lifestyle their way, have equal rights as every other member of public who have traditional mainstream values. This is just not on, and in my opinion.. procrastinating on this issue is already a deal breaker. It’s obvious the only reason he won’t answer the question directly is because he doesn’t want to lose support! Stay true to your personal beleifs Hone, but just remember we all have different values. I also consider myself conservative, and gay marriage isn’t somthing I would do personally but I wouldn’t oppose any other from doing so!

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