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Maori ICT Update # 4, June 18 2012

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Kia ora tatou te pukenga ipurangi, te punaha rorohiko, nga ringa waea – tena koutou.

Re: Maori ICT Update # 4

Ma te huruhuru, Ka rere te manu

Well, it’s official. Waatea News has just announced that Maori shares in mobile company 2Degrees have indeed been diluted and that there is a corporate bust up inside 2Degrees, which will put the spotlight on Te Huarahi Tika Trust and possibly uncover a number of unsavoury behind the scenes activities. From the outset, many of us have had doubts over the lack of accountability and transparency of Hautaki, Te Huarahi Tika Trust, Nga Pu Waea and Torotoro Waea. From accessing information via the Trustess to requesting details from Te Puni Kokiri and the Minister of Maori Affairs Dr. Pita Sharples, very little has been made available, causing years of frustration amongst Maori ICT practitioners. Now that the word is out, perhaps we will now be able to find out what is really happening behind the digital Maori curtain.

It was awesome to receive a message from the bro Karaitiana Taiuru to inform us that the Student Ambassador for Google in Aotearoa is Shane O’Connell. Shane is a Web Developer at Dakine Interactive Director and Co-founder at Synevents. If you get the chance, connect up with Shane thru LinkedIn.

Another exciting digital initiative is bid to have “.kiwi” made available in 2013. There is a worldwide rush to register specific suffixes and though the cost is massive ($236,000 per proposal), the benefits could be huge. To check out what this means, please click here. Hat tip again to Karaitiana for his support in this kaupapa.

We are hearing that local legend Tait Communications are looking to open an Electronics campus in Christchurch. Tait have provided lots of jobs in the electronics industry for Maori, so this move could super-charge more Maori engineers into the industry.

Is anyone else interested in the Sky Array?

We would like to send congratulations to the inaugural recipients of 2degrees Hei Rere Mai scholarship programme. Shout outs to Grace Ngapo, David Pene, LRey Renata, Jamie Pye, Leon Hayward, Xien Rare-Lee, Julius Bennett and Frederick Blucher – kia kaha tatou and all the very best. With the right feathers, any bird can fly.

And finally, please don’t forget NetHui2012!! If you are in Auckland, this must attend event will bring together digital practitioners from around the country. It could also be the place where we meet up to figure out how we as Maori approach the following few months.

Kia kaha everyone and have a nice week.

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