Apr 21, 2021


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Maori ICT Update # 5

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Kia ora tatou te pukenga ipurangi, te punaha rorohiko, nga ringa waea – tena koutou.

Re: Maori ICT Update # 5

Since I know you all just wait by your Inbox for me to share that IT goodness (???), I thought I’d beat the weekend rush and send the latest panui early!

– Maori TV
– Traditional copper telecommunications network
– Renaissance Corp
– Alcatel Lucent lab
– Rural Broadband Panel
– NETHUI 2012
– ICT Letter from Minister Pita Sharples
– APP CAMP 2012

In this shortened issue, we learn that Maori TV has replaced its central routing switcher platform with a Grass Valley Trinix NXT router. The project, which is part of a structured move towards a service-oriented architecture and seamless workflows, was completed without interruption to on-air services at the end of 2011. Read more here…

The Commerce Commission is extending consultations on its draft regulations for the traditional copper telecommunications network after a backlash from the investment community, who fear its initial thinking will stifle the uptake of ultra-fast broadband. At the 2 Digital Maori Hui held in Hastings and in Te Awamutu, there was interest by Maori in developing opportunities with copper, as well as in the vacant white space once DSO occurs but that talk has gone underground. Perhaps now is a good time to revive the korero as it was our old people who paid, built, installed and developed those lines … Read original story here…

I saw this korero about Renaissance Corp, which used to have a monopoly on national distribution of Apple products, as it sold IT distribution division to Exeed Ltd. What caught my interest was the splitting in 2 of the organisation: “It will be broken into two parts, a specialist Apple retailer, Yoobee and a specialist education institution, Yoobee Design College, formerly known as Natcoll”. This specialist education institution looks interesting indeed. Read more here…

We also heard about the Alcatel Lucent lab at the recent Broadband Hui which would be a great place to organise a tour, visit, explore, learn and possibly collaborate… AL Labs…

At that same hui, Antony Royal and I spoke on the Rural Broadband Panel. You can watch the vid here …

NETHUI 2012 is coming and we’re currently planning a dinner for Maori IT Movers and Shakers to meet on Weds 11th July. If it sounds like you, please get in touch.

And finally we’re looking at hosting an APP CAMP here in Rotorua at the end of the year. We want to reach out across platforms but also want to get the A-Z experience in developing iPhone, iPad and Android apps. No firm plans but the idea is getting some good support. If you are interested in being involved, please let mew know.

Please pass this and previous panui on to your networks if you think they might enjoy the info. Kia ora!

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